Slugger Awards: Building trust and credibility in politics

Today’s focus is on the  ‘Building trust and credibility in politics’ Award, rather than relying on blind tribal faith, by engaging directly and openly with communities or constituency groups. It also might include participatory initiatives, and admitting limitations or even failures. So far we have:

– Steven Agnew… erm, no reasons given..

– Dawn Purvis MLA, “firstly for giving politics pre-eminence over paramilitarism in quitting the leadership of the PUP after the killing of Bobby Moffett and, secondly, for trying to enforce a bar on double-jobbing through her Assembly Bill.”

– Conservative Bill Manwaring, “Westminster and now Assembly candidate, working hard to reconnect underpriviledged West Belfast with the real world.”

And that’s it. Just those three for now. We’ll need more than that for those who come to Thursday’s Big Political Breakfast whose early morning task it will be bring a long list down to a firm choice of three… So come, give us your suggestions… No matter how off the wall…

And if you suggestions for the longer list of awards, keep adding to the main nomination post