Slugger Awards: Building trust and credibility in politics

Today’s focus is on the  ‘Building trust and credibility in politics’ Award, rather than relying on blind tribal faith, by engaging directly and openly with communities or constituency groups. It also might include participatory initiatives, and admitting limitations or even failures. So far we have:

– Steven Agnew… erm, no reasons given..

– Dawn Purvis MLA, “firstly for giving politics pre-eminence over paramilitarism in quitting the leadership of the PUP after the killing of Bobby Moffett and, secondly, for trying to enforce a bar on double-jobbing through her Assembly Bill.”

– Conservative Bill Manwaring, “Westminster and now Assembly candidate, working hard to reconnect underpriviledged West Belfast with the real world.”

And that’s it. Just those three for now. We’ll need more than that for those who come to Thursday’s Big Political Breakfast whose early morning task it will be bring a long list down to a firm choice of three… So come, give us your suggestions… No matter how off the wall…

And if you suggestions for the longer list of awards, keep adding to the main nomination post


  • pippakin

    I think Martin McGuinness might qualify for this section. He has been outspoken in his condemnation of dissident activity, often to the anger of some of his supporters.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Id second pippakins nomination…Martin McGuinness. In part because he has come out from Adams shadow but partly because he represents something more progressive than “back to the future”. Probably an unpopular choice but a deserving one.

  • Mick Fealty

    Okay, come on guys, we must be able to do better than four names.

    Think Ministers, think committee chairs. And think specific *actions* not just personalities that have helped build trust however modestly.

    I’d really like to put some challenges up to all the Big Breakfast shortlisting panels. So whomever you nominate give us some reasoning to go with the name!

  • Magazine

    David Cameron for reputedly rewriting the Saville speech as drafted to him to remove any equivocation and therefore taking a huge stride towards laying the ghosts of Bloody Sunday finally to rest.

  • For a more positive contribution, the guys behind East Belfast Speaks Out (and the original West Belfast Talks Back) deserve recognition for bringing together significant politicians and letting them answer unfiltered questions from the audience.

    EBSO was notable this year for having FM and dFM speaking on the same panel as MLAs – rather than wearing their ministerial hats – and was one of the few occasions members of the public could compare and contrast – and marvel at the good-natured tone and body language.

  • Rocketeer

    I would personally vote for both the First and Deputy First Minister’s together for this award: Robinson graciously accepting the Saville Report, condemning both loyalist and republican violence; McGuinness forcefully challenging dissident activity: both I think deserve great credit.

  • Mick Fealty

    Great, this is better people. I want to push at this one even harder as we go along… but keep posting and we’ll collate *everything* by Wednesday evening…

  • I’d like to nominate Integrated Education, an alternative to tribal schooling.

    60 plus monuments to practical Trust and growing.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’m going to jointly nominate East Belfast Speaks Out and West Belfast Talks Back, both do pretty much same thing in different communities – bringing in external voices and creating a space for them to debate accepted voices from that community and the community itself.

  • Mark McGregor

    Given the seeming expansion of this category I’ll suggest Belfast Mela and Arts Ekta, they’ve been challenging all of Belfast to step out of their small boxes and participate in things broader and different together for years. And it is top craic.

  • milo

    Dominic Bradley for his Autism Bill that will make a real difference to families and carers currently left out in the cold thanks to anomalies in education, health and benefits.

  • Salem-is-here

    Sorry I should have given more details on my nominee of Steven Agnew –

    Here is a young man who impressed everyone during all the Euro debates and was often the voice of reason againist the lunacy of TUV/DUP infighting.

    Steven is incredibly hard working and his work alone has enabled the Greens to gain a new pool of voters. Steven Agnew polled 15,764 first preference votes. This is a 31.5% increase in the Green vote since the last Assembly elections

    This result, i believe has a great deal to do with Steven. He has shown that true politics rises above the tribual guff that is currently being rolled out !

    I wish him all the best in his new position ! Before any one asked I am not a Green Party member.