Slugger Awards: Thinker and Explainer

Right, just to keep things rolling over the weekend, on this thread we’d like your nominations for the ‘Thinker and Explainer’ Award. This is aimed primarily at public bodies who adopt “a conversational approach to public policy – rewarding organisations that have sought to make policy issues understandable to a wider audience, thereby increasing the capacity to participate.”

So far we have just two in this category. We really need to bump this number up before Thursday’s Big Political Breakfast, not least because one of the nominees is a primary sponsor of the Awards:

– NICVA for their Smart Solutions in Tough Times process of engaging the voluntary and community sector on the government’s cuts agenda.

– Stratagem – because they have been organising events to bring politics and politicians closer to the public.

So come on, get your own thinking caps on!! Along with your nominations, just a sentence or two telling us why you think they should get the Thinker and Explainer award for 2010.

If you have nominations to make for other categories, then please post them on the original nominations thread and we’ll double back and bring them to the appropriate shortlisting panels at the Big Political Breakfast …


  • themagpie

    Economist John Simpson

    John hasn’t been afraid to criticise the Executive on their spending plans and articulates the economic realities in a way that the man on the street can understand in his regular contributions on Radio, TV and the Bel Tel.

  • Mick Fealty

    Good early start!! Don’t forget though we are looking for bodies more than individuals. John’s a good exception to the rule. Just so long as we remember the rule!!

  • Linda R McKee

    PSNI Ards Facebook page has taken a very proactive approach to engagement in an appropriate way. Often done with humour and has been prepared to let conversations run in order to communicate key messages and policies to a wide audience. Over 6500 followers in ten months.

  • Mick Fealty

    And this one from Danny Moore on Twitter:

    Perhaps E-Synergy? I haven’t met them yet but hear their name once a week so there is buzz.

  • edgeoftheunion

    Apart from the excellent PICamp I went to 3 great unconferences last year. So what about nominating

    Showcase @ Magee and Foyle Film Festival



  • granni trixie

    If there isnt a category for someone exceptional such as John Simpson – can we have one?

  • Mick Fealty

    He’s in Granni. Now, nominations please!!

  • McKavanaghs

    I don’t know if this is appropriate to the category but,

    The Doctors, Nurses and Staff of Ward B, Mater Hospital for the information and consideration given to patients and relatives under their care.

  • Linda R McKee

    have been giving this one a bit of thought. William Crawley, is clearly a very clever thinker .. and is very good at being able to explain complex arguments in a way the listener can understand and without making them feel inferior.

  • Magazine

    The Community Relations Council, and Duncan Morrow in particular for remaining composed whilst firmly in the crosshairs of SF/DUP and articulating calm, unhysterical and clearly reasoned arguments for the continued impact that sectarianism has at all levels of life in NI.

  • Mark McGregor

    I’m nominating Disability Action, primarily for their Assembly Disability Monitor.

    They collate every aspect of Assembly business that could impact on those with a disability, then instead of keeping it inhouse they email it to anyone interested and also publish online.

    Many groups that can’t afford researchers get one for free as a result and also get early warning of issues that will affect them.

    Top stuff. I like people that share information without requesting a membership fee!

  • granni trixie

    I agree about Disability Action – I have come across the impact of their work in various relevant fields,plus they have hung in there for such a long time.

    May I also suggest Vivien McConvey who heads VOIPIC
    (“Voice of Young People in Care”) – she has been plugging away for years to influence public policy based on evidence of their work and research with care experienced young people.