Regulator to head up the NI Water review…

So the Utlities Regulator is to lead the review of NI Water. According to UTV:

Following consideration of this matter I am proposing that the NI Authority for Utility Regulation – the Regulator – will conduct this review.

“The Regulator is an established independent body which already has a statutory duty to regulate water and sewerage services.

“It is therefore suitably qualified and has access to the range of required industry skills and expertise to conduct the review.

“The Executive will consider these proposals at its meeting tomorrow afternoon.”

The statement continued saying that the Minister had brought forward “a paper for discussion” at the Executive meeting on Thursday which will “include Terms of Reference proposed by the Regulator for the review.”

There is a new broom at the Utilities Regulator, Shane Lynch. Ian Osbourne his predecessor who found he was referred to as ‘wee dangermouse’ in an email correspondence between two of his major charges, Laurence MacKenzie and Peter Dixon head of Phoenix Gas and member of DRD’s ill fated Independent Review Team.

One of the biggest failures in tedious twists and turns of the NI Water story has been in the internal and external reporting systems that we’re told are keeping an eye on these organisations. Lynch needs to take no nonsense from CEOs, MDs or even Ministers. And he needs to look at the genuine investment needs of NI Water.