Aerial footage of White Belfast

Just a quick signpost over to the BBC site where (if you haven’t already seen it) there’s a gorgeous video of Belfast from the air. (h/t Phil O’Kane)


  • Pete Baker
  • Mark McGregor

    Mr Baker,

    I just choked on my mulled cider. *agrees*

  • ForkHandles

    I think it looks really nice. Im looking forward to coming back home for Christmas and seeing some snow. I think the temperature might be a bit of a shock though. I’ve heard its been in the minus figures for a couple of weeks.

  • feismother

    Good luck with getting home, ForkHandles.

    I’m waiting on three getting back. Two of them should have been here by now but no luck. Just waiting for one of them to land at Heathrow from Hong Kong. She left Japan in the early hours of Saturday morning. They other two are trying to make it back from England. If they all manage to get home it will be “the best Christmas Ever!”

    If I never see snow again…

  • There’s also some “nice” pics of London from the air, on the Daily Mail site [chokes into coffee at that moment of self-revelation].

    As for the schlock, horror of snow, there are those oldies who recall 1962-3 (and heard our parents lament 1947). Both of those winters went some way to undermining support for failing governments, especially because the fuel crisis of ’47 coincided with coal nationalization. Stewart Stevenson, the Scottish Transport Minister, has just resigned, mainly over the M8 chaos. Any chance that we can similarly despatch the grating Philip Hammond, before he skewers the Chilterns with his vanity railway line?