There’s no point in deluding ourselves about what must be done.

This may be a slow burning story which will develop over the next week.

Fianna Fáil have belatedly agreed to hold a Dáil debate and vote on the IMF/ECB arrangement to push commercial bank debts onto the taxpayers at a punitive 5.8% plus interest rate while continuing to deny that such a debate or vote is necessary. Backbench pressure to hold the vote apparently will include at least one, if not more  government TDs voting against the agreement. Some of whom have become decidedly erratic of late, while others are flip-flopping incessantly (and that is just the Greens). Quietly, others are silently filing out stage right in what now appears to be a very orderly queue.

Naturally enough, the IMF have decided against releasing any monies until after the debate on Wednesday 15th December (suggesting that they suspect that a parliamentary vote could be the normal order of business under the circumstances).

Meanwhile, the five Sinn Féin TDs and two Independents, Finian McGrath and Maureen O’Sullivan have now formed a technical group giving them certain rights in the Dáil. This will culminate in the tabling of a motion of no confidence in the Taoiseach around the same time as the debate in mid-week. The main purpose FF are attaching to the vote on the IMF/ECB deal is alledgedly to force the opposition into publicly declaring their positions.

At least, in a vote of no confidence in Brian Cowen, there won’t be any misunderstanding.