How the ‘social charge’ makes Cowen’s a Millionnaire’s budget…

I can’t vouch for the detail of this, but Michael is usually pretty reliable with figures

Budget 2011 provides considerable tax breaks for those on very high non-wage incomes. If you happen to be a millionaire you are nearly 6 percent better off with Fianna Fail’s budget. How does this occur?

This is how Deloitte breaks down the millionaire’s budget. They will pay €11,936 more on income tax and PRSI. However, under the Universal Social Charge, they pay €34,931 less than under the Health and Income levies which the Charge replaces. That really puts the ‘Social’ in Universal Social Charge.

And at the risk of totally creeping you out, the ESRI estimates that there will be no wage-growth next year. However, non-wage income (rents, dividends, interest, and self-employment) will grow by 29 percent. So those very high non-wage earners can look forward to not only an increase in their incomes, but tax breaks on top of that.

So that’s one good question for Mary Wilson’s Drivetime programme this evening… Go and read all of it, with pretty graphs and all..