Water supplies cut due to shortages in Dublin and Cork

Unfortunate timing as the Irish government’s budget details are revealed, but as RTÉ reports

Councils in the capital are making cuts to overnight supply for at least the next three nights.

Fingal County Council has cut water supply from 7pm until 7am tomorrow.

Dublin City Council has cut water supply during the same period – from 7pm to 7am.

South Dublin saw cuts to supply or loss of pressure at 8pm until 6am.

Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown has cut water supply in many areas from 7pm to 7am.

Cork County Council says the water situation remains critical throughout west Cork and has requested householders to eliminate leaks as demand continues to exceed supply. Water was off in the Bantry area overnight.

Kerry County Council has again appealed to householders not to run taps overnight as water levels have dropped significantly in the past week. Demand is said to have increased by 20% since the cold spell began.

Update  From today’s Irish Times report

City manager John Tierney has assured Dubliners that water tanks in every home or business will have sufficient quantity to cover the amount of water needed when water will be restricted.

“We acknowledge and appreciate the high level of co-operation and assistance already received from consumers. With their continued support it will be possible to limit the level of restrictions.”

However, he said supplies would only be maintained if householders didn’t leave taps running during the cold weather or hoard water in baths.

Water restrictions in the city began last night and are planned to continue for the next two nights, the city manager said, with cuts to the supply running into buildings in some parts of the city and reductions in pressure in others.

However, senior engineer with South Dublin County Council Dermot Finch said the restrictions in his area could continue for weeks. “We’ll be turning off the water every night for the foreseeable future until such time as the reservoirs recover. If the residents don’t run the taps unnecessarily and don’t fill baths, we hope the the restrictions will end by Christmas.”