Fine Gael and Labour publish alternative Budgets

That’s alternative budgets, plural.  As in published separately.  RTÉ has the details.  But the iol report notes the differences between the two parties’ proposals and adds, for the benefit of more excitable commenters,

[Labour Party leader] Eamon Gilmore ruled out a new Government of the left, saying he wouldn’t go into coalition with Sinn Féin.

This would mean a deal with Fine Gael and major compromises on both sides is the only way.

Adds  The Irish Economy blog points to Labour’s alternative budget [pdf file].

Fine Gael’s alternative is available here.

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  • anonymous

    Understandable but wrong decision by Gilmore. The upcoming FG-Labour government will implement the same center-right policies as FF, now forced on them by the ECB’s chokehold. That much is pretty clear, but here is my scenario. They preside over a depression caused by the austerity measures, including the disgusting plunder of civil service pensions to bail out wealthy bondholders. Labour will be discredited and SF will represent the left alternative.

  • Munsterview

    Oh I would not be too concerned about Gilmore throwing shapes at this stage : no collation with SF stance, is sensible, it ensures concentration on financial matters were it belongs and saves on a lot of silly speculation.

    Same with SF nail the colors to the mast and keep them there until after the election. Once the people have had their say, if the majority is for a left alliance and and one of the significant parties thwart thwart that will they will go by way of Fianna Failure.

    Mick Noonan looks solid and sounds good : hardly surprising given the politically pallid. limp front bench he is contrasted with. When things heat up I dare say a few people out there will have a thing or two to say about the Blood Bank scandal. It just shows how far Cowen and Lenihan have fallen when they can make even Noonan look good.!

    A way to go yet and do not discount the FG foot shooting capacity!

  • Munsterview


    A few things of your special interest on fridays, well worth checking out. Thanks for your own contributions in this field !