Friday thread: Embeddable anxiety

Friday again. Time to lighten up and start chilling out in advance of the weekend? In anxious days like these?

Maybe the soundtrack is less Van-the-man and more Dead Kennedys?  Well, every cloud has a silvery lining. For the past 20-30 years or so, politics seems to have developed a safer veneer, and this has been reflected in a more anodyne mainstream music scene. Elections don’t seem to have been about quite as much once The End of History had been declared and agit-pop has been fairly quiet accordingly.

If ‘may you live in interesting times’ is a curse, personally, I’d at least be happy about the soundtrack.

Here’s the best embeddable political angst I’ve been able to find with a quick scan around YouTube – all originating from the 1970s and early 1980s – let me know if there are any other suitable videos that fit the bill and I’ll add them.

In a bizarre recent twist, the riff from The Gang of Four‘s anti-consumerist classic Natural’s Not In It has been used by Microsoft X-Box for their ads. Probably fair game after it was used for the Marie Antoinette soundtrack?

Here’s Jello Biafra et al:

And lastly, a bit of authentic anti-Nixon rage from earlier in that decade from Gil Scott-Heron. It starts off with a bit of political personality baiting, but give it time – the final two or three minutes are furious:

(Little known fact: His dad was the first black Celtic player!)

Any more suggestions to add here?

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