Irish General Election in January

Breaking news, the Green party have finally said they will pull the plug on the government next month, with an election towards the end of January, will Cowan even survive that long?

Update: More detail over on the RTE site.

  • propaganda

    Greens will stay in government to try and get the budget through.
    Them saying that there should be a general election and having one is another thing.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    An election puts the Labour Party in an impossible position in the current climate as they will have to either swallow the IMF medicine or sound like the Workers Party (easy for Gilmore) and take a whacking at the polls.

    Must be a real chance of Feckless Gael with the support of Feckless Fail running the show – if the Labour Party do bite the IMF bullet SF could make substantial gains in Dublin and other cities time after next.

  • Of Course, we must be clear about this. It is a local authority election – The Irish Country Council election to be exact.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Careful now, mustn’t be seen to be gloating, or I shall have to mention our nearest neighbour who had the pleasure of entertaining the same visitors.

    …I’ve already had to have words with Drummers this morning on another thread.

  • John East Belfast

    In the interests of the good name of western democracy the ROI needs a change of Govt.

    The alternative may not be any better and it might not have any magical solutions but FF needs to be anihalated at the next election so that one of the parties implicated in this mess is suffering some kind of punishment.

    I think if they are given the type of shellacking they deserve then at least some international pride can be restored and a re-building process can commence. With them at the controls or hovering in the back ground then they will only pro long the pain and the shame

  • dible


    They need 10 years in opposition to rid themselves of the developers and vested interests.

    No Northerner of any description should want to join the ROI in so much as a joint squirrel survival program until there is a clearout of the old guard.

  • Drumlins Rock

    If I was a voter I would be tempted to vote for anyone least tainted by the scandal first no matter which party, and the new government should be a coalition of such people.

  • Alias

    The Shinners will be big winners in January, alas.

  • Valenciano

    Both government parties are scrooge mc ducked. Sargent is the only Green in with a chance of holding his seat, the other five are a threat to the environment in the Dail and will be recycled as ex-TDs.

  • JR

    Seargent is thanking his lucky stars he handed over the leadership to Gormley. Gormley is now politically unelectable.

  • John Ó Néill

    While some of the other members of the FF/Green coalition (namely Jackie Healy-Rae and Michael Lowry) have made statements, FF have yet to respond. While a January election is looking likely it is not yet a done deal. It is possible, if the budget is passed (and the Greens have now given FG and Labour an agonising choice), that FF will prevaricate as long as possible.
    Before people bury FF – I suspect their polling figures are so low partly from embarassment on the part of respondents with regarding to admitting to vote for FF. Come election day it may be a different story in the booths. But after the last week, Cowen won’t be leading them into the election and what state FF will be in is hard to predict.

  • Sammy,

    I dont gloat – just emphasising the hugely diluted sovereigntty – a fact that most are now waking up to.

    There are others who would take the urination out of the euronation.

  • Jamie Gargoyle

    This comes less than a week after Gerry decides to go for a Dáil seat – perhaps I’m being a bit too Mulder here but could there have been chat about the Greens pulling the Government down from the inside that leaked to SF and made him pull his finger out? Probably making something out of nothing – it’s not like Cowan’s been in a good position for ages & election talk was inevitable, it’s just a bit coincidental that Gerry managed to throw his hat in the ring just in time for a January poll (assuming actually happens of course).

  • joeCanuck

    It’s a bit disingenuous to say that they will pull the plug in a couple of month’s time. The country would not be without a government during the election campaign.
    If they are unhappy, they should resign now. So perhaps he means we will leave unless….

  • Greenflag

    True – but there are no magical solutions and in terms of policies it’ll hardly matter which party or coalition rules other than perhaps SF and even there the sight of DPM banging the gavel at the Wall St stock exchange must have quietened the nerves of all those capitalists in Ireland foreign and domestic that it’s the Greenflag rather than the Redflag that SF wave .

    Our new Government post election is unlikely to have an SF majority and is more likely to be an FG/Labour Coalition who will no doubt perform as adequate public puppets for the real government -the IMF/ECB 🙁

  • Marcus

    I think the Green Party has made a very good move here.

    In my opinion the timing of this announcement was designed to inflict maximum damage to Fianna Fail. Lenihan went on the news earlier in the morning denying the greens would do this which makes him look ridiculous and then Cowen was only let in the know 2 minutes before Gormley made the statement. FF will be fuming and I predict that things will get bitter between the Greens and FF leading up to the election and this will play in the Greens favour.

    Also not collapsing the Govt until the IMF and EU talks are finished and a 4 year plan is set makes them appear mature and sensible unlike the populist rhetoric of SF.

    They have now put Labour in a very difficult position in whether they support the budget or not.

    Also if FF do not keep key agreements with the budget the Greens can always not pass it and collapse the govt.

    Yes the Greens are likely to suffer when it comes to polling day but i think out of every move they could have made this does seem to be the best move in my opinion and i do not think they will get a bad a hammering as everyone predicts.

  • Greenflag

    Seymour Major ,

    ‘would take the urination out of the euronation.’

    Lol 😉

    I don’t know if that’s an original of your’s SM but if so congratulations . A barb worthy of Joyce himself 🙂

    Unfortunately those who troughed inside the Galway tent with the golden keyers have escaped beyond the reach of those of us who would aspire to urinate on these reprobates 😉

  • Drumlins Rock

    the donegal vote will see if your right there John.

  • Mack

    In all seriousness, power to direct fiscal policy (while accepting aid) is temporarily limited (with monetary policy long gone).

  • John Ó Néill

    The only problem is in trying to define what FF should regard as a good performance on Thursday.
    Arguably, if FF can bring in a general election quota (i.e. over 25%), they would likely hold at least one seat in the general election (which would suggest they might avoid a complete meltdown if a core vote hang in there).
    Obviously, if they win, I don’t know where that leaves FG, Labour and SF (although we’ll think that through if it actually happens which seems barely credible today).
    If they slip to third, or worse, they are staring at an absolute disaster. Whether that will trigger a post-Green FF/FG arrangement to prop up the state, I don’t know (with the fear that a FF meltdown will not carry over to FG but may see Labour, and to a lesser extent SF, gain seats).
    Everyone else is thinking that this will force an election, I think it is only starting to play out and the drama hasn’t really peaked yet. I suspect it might bring about the first official FF/FG coalition to carry the budget, with Noonan or someone as a caretaker Taoiseach.

  • Drumlins Rock

    LATEST RUMOURS, over on (if it dosnt crash as they cant cope with the traffic) Cowan is going to meet Mary this evening to and ask her to dissolve the Dial!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    PaddyPower has pulled the betting on which year an election will be – I think it was 10/1 a few day ago.

    Dont think it will happen till Jan though.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Didnt know unionists were allowed on to that site – must have a word….

  • Drumlins Rock

    sammy, there are a few on there, British Citizen is prob the most outspoken! I dont post on it btw. dont like the style or the hysteria that much, but have been following it continously for last few days, best place to get the real story, just like slugger is up North!

  • Alias

    She better count the silver before he gets there.

  • The Impartial Observer

    If the GE is to be in January please not the last week! I’m off on holiday and I want to be able to fully savour FF’s obliteration!! 🙂

  • propaganda

    Never mind January might be before Christmas!

  • dodrade

    Who says turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I wonder if Ian Parsley can join Fine Gael before nominations close.

  • billy

    Happy days for the Shinners

  • An election in January?

    Naa. Brian Cowan will hold on so that it is on the day of the Royal Wedding.

    The FF election manifesto will pledge that Ireland will stick to the terms of the bailout package. He will attack the opposition as potential defaulters and potentially disobedient to the Germans.

    When the voters come to the polling booth, Brian Cowan will hope that his former supporters will “love, honour and obey” the party line. Brian will then look whiter than white.