Who’s coming to Slugger’s big day tomorrow?

We’re just shy of 90 registrations for tomorrow at the time of writing and there are still a few tickets left if you want one. You can suggest / rate ideas for sessions here.

The one surprising nugget is that there are lots of political activists and people with a professional interest in participation / consultation / democracy, but there are almost no elected politicians registered. Yet.

Here’s the snapshot from Eventbrite’s reporting page. The eagle-eyed among you will spot the deliberate mistake that arose from us using the same questions for last week’s Edinburgh event:

Some of the labels are cut off but you can work them out from this:

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  • drumlins rock

    anyone else travelling up from the west need a lift?

  • What time are you heading up for Drumlins? What direction are you coming from?

    Was intending to drive up myself, looking forward to trying out the new A4.

  • drumlins rock

    the A4 is great crack! drove up and down it the other night just for the fun lol. only tihng is all the usual spots to “leave a car at” are gone, if you can still find Killymaddy Tourist centre could meet there about 9?

  • Sean Og

    Guys you don’t need to car share travelling from the West. Tom Elliott has laid on free buses for all!

  • Oracle

    Can one of you pick up Bono on your way, is that a stretch A4 with leather heated seats? because he can be a bit fussy, but sure it’ll be well worth it to have the saviour there

  • It’s a bit of a stretch, but no heated seats Oracle.

    Drumlins, drop me a line on rma2784@gmail.com. By Christ if I pull this off right, I could be taxied up and down.

  • drumlins rock

    I hear the A5 will have heated seat, need to at the money.

  • alley cat

    What is there for the ordinary voter?

  • alley cat

    This evebt appears to be for haas been or wanna be
    Journalists aimed at doffing their caps to folks on the hill.
    Nothing aimed at ordinary people who may have something to
    Say is that to radical or diverse thinking for the “blokes”
    Behind this? Men ‘n blogs with nothing better to do of a saturday?

  • John Ó Néill

    Like the MSPs, I’m going to be unattending the unconference. Is there any live online presence for those unable to get to Belfast for the day but who might have a chance to lurk and snicker instead?

  • Reader

    alley cat: Nothing aimed at ordinary people who may have something to
    Say is that to radical or diverse thinking for the “blokes”
    Behind this?

    Ordinary civilians could sneak in under the “professional interest” or “(own time) political activist” headings. Or they could just tell the truth and resign themselves to not being relevant for the purposes of ‘shaping’ the day.

  • alley cat

    Readers and commentators aren’t welcome?
    I’ll remember that when they nrrd people to vote in
    Blog competitions and not to donate to keeping slugger lit.
    Every reader should.

  • Mark McGregor

    The event was open to all, the topics open to be set by anyone and it is all free.

    Any complaints on this event should be put in an envelope and addressed to yourself at your own house.

  • GerryBannside

    Hi new to the site, just registered for a ticket. I have no way of printing it out presume I can collect at the door.