A few dark horses for tomorrow

It’s not unheard of for an unfancied novice to have a good race. Likewise, tomorrow we’ve had a lots of sessions suggested, but the best ones may be the ones that haven’t had too much take-up on the uservoice site.

That voting mechanism is only advisory. Tomorrow, everyone will have the option to chip their ideas for a session in and see how many takers there are. Rooms are then allocated according to the interest in sessions and everyone should get a chance to air their ideas if they want to.

Looking at the range of ideas on offer so far, there are a few of a similar subject matter and it may make sense to combine some of them.

One interesting outsider who will hopefully be there tomorrow is Will Perrin. Will is a former Whitehall civil servant and latterly, one of the UK’s prime movers in the Hyperlocal movement. According to the registrations system, he’ll be here with Nicky Getgood of Birmingham’s ‘Digbeth is Good’ site.

I hope you’ll consider coming to a hyperlocal session if you can? There are a few nascent sites here in Northern Ireland including Newcastle Rocks and Listenderry, but there’s plenty to learn about how to keep the ball rolling, and about setting up new ones.

Other ideas further down the stack may be worth looking at – including one on open data, one on how citizen journalists can use FoI more effectively, and plenty more.

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  • HeinzGuderian

    Frankel………….not dark horse anymore,alas………….but surely one to follw next year ?? 😉

  • Mark McGregor

    Well I’m probably going to be late and have no intention of promoting my top ranked one – I’d like to have a yarn on the dissent one so if it doesn’t get selected in my absence we can do it while I smoke a fag or after in the pub.

  • Mark McGregor

    btw: if anyone is heading in from Crumlin direction tomorrow I’m in the market for a lift. Translink being their usual useless selves give me the option of ridiculously early or very late.

  • Just starting out with the hyperlocal thing so will be happy to get any advice Will has to offer.

  • A dark mare has kicked a Slugger blogger, Paul 🙂

    Dawn Purvis: Invited Turgon to have a conversation about his blogging – he ran away! @SluggerOToole #picamp ‘courage of convictions’ NOT!