Let’s make a list of what’s buried under the carpet of the Executive and OFMdFM

After last Wednesday night’s euphoric display of maturity and backslapping, time to look at what’s really going on – or not going on – up at OFMdFM.

At East Belfast Speaks Out, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness made one of their rare joint appearances speaking as individual MLAs rather than as the double headed chiefs of the Northern Ireland Executive. But while they were publicly agreeing and supporting each other on the panel, that’s not the full story around the corridors of Stormont Castle.

The Shared Future strategy disappeared down the back of someone’s sofa for a long time before being found and released as the Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration (CSI).

Agreeing the draft budget is also taking the NI Executive longer than the equivalent institutions in Scotland and Wales.

But what other decisions, strategies and appointments have been delayed due to intransigence and indecision in the Office of First and deputy First Ministers or across the wider Executive?

If you know of something that’s delayed or disappeared, pop the details into the comments below along with an idea of the consequence or significance of the delay (if you know). Then over the next few weeks we’ll take a look at some of the issues you’ve raised in more detail.

(I’m going to keep the comments focussed on generating the list of issues, so discursive comments will be removed.)

PS: The NI Executive have just launched their snazzy new website