Guardian poll supports British help for Ireland

 Is this genuine, generous solidarity, the like of which would not be extended to any other country or a cunning Irish write-in?

Ireland bailout: should Britain foot the bill?

59.2% Yes 40.8% No

Bearing in mind… 

Ireland bailout: UK taxpayers could face £7bn bill

But the Wall St Journal plays down the threat to sterling…

Debt stresses in nearby Ireland therefore are unlikely to derail the pound’s outlook for now at least.

In fact, they are “something of a small positive for sterling relative to the euro given the stress is in the euro area,” he said.

Still, Ireland’s situation isn’t helping the U.K. outlook.

“It’s clearly a negative for the U.K.–Ireland is a very important trading partner for the U.K…and financial linkages are pretty important as well.”