What’s different about the “Agreement Generation”?

UCD conference - The Agreement Generation: An Opportunity for Change?There’s an intriguing one-day conference down in the John Hume Institute For Global Irish Studies at UCD on Wednesday 17 November.

This conference will look at themes around the opportunity for change in Northern Irish and all Island politics. The peace process, the passage of time and generations with different frames of reference, have all provided space to reframe the political agendas and the various relationships between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In particular the conference will focus on the Agreement Generation, those who were raised with the peace process. The Agreement Generation, have a uniquely different perspective to the generation that went before.

They are the first generation of people on the island of Ireland raised with a negotiated peace settlement, which had the overwhelming democratic mandate of the people.

During the day a series of seminar panels are planned, with a bevy of thoughtful contributors on the agenda.

  • The aftermath and post conflict situation in Northern Ireland
  • The North/South relationship
  • Creating spaces: The role of culture, new media and spatial planning
  • The future: the economic and political implications

The conference will be streamed live online … I’ll try to add a link – or repost details – on the day. Contact aoibhin DOT de-burca AT ucdconnect DOT ie if you’d like to attend in person.