What’s different about the “Agreement Generation”?

UCD conference - The Agreement Generation: An Opportunity for Change?There’s an intriguing one-day conference down in the John Hume Institute For Global Irish Studies at UCD on Wednesday 17 November.

This conference will look at themes around the opportunity for change in Northern Irish and all Island politics. The peace process, the passage of time and generations with different frames of reference, have all provided space to reframe the political agendas and the various relationships between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In particular the conference will focus on the Agreement Generation, those who were raised with the peace process. The Agreement Generation, have a uniquely different perspective to the generation that went before.

They are the first generation of people on the island of Ireland raised with a negotiated peace settlement, which had the overwhelming democratic mandate of the people.

During the day a series of seminar panels are planned, with a bevy of thoughtful contributors on the agenda.

  • The aftermath and post conflict situation in Northern Ireland
  • The North/South relationship
  • Creating spaces: The role of culture, new media and spatial planning
  • The future: the economic and political implications

The conference will be streamed live online … I’ll try to add a link – or repost details – on the day. Contact aoibhin DOT de-burca AT ucdconnect DOT ie if you’d like to attend in person.

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  • Alan Maskey

    Global Irish Studies???
    Did the Sociology morons get money for this? So they could garble English like this: Northern Irish and all Island politics

  • Rory Carr

    Weren’t you invited then, Alan ?

  • Alan Maskey

    For a start Rory: Global Studies is a cop out to begin with. It includes everything and anything. Global Irish Studies seems like a last throw of the dice by the hopeless Harrys who make up this particular brand of leeches; the name advertises their inanity.
    Getting an invite to such as waste of time would not be a problem. I cannot see why I or anyone else with as job wpould want to go there. I assume they are chasing the Bodton and Australia set who want to checvk developments in O’Dnoghues and Kielys.
    Their visting scholar is from London Metropolitian Uni/Poly and is, yes, a sociologist, who writes on inane topics in areas no one reads and only university libraries buy
    The leaders are almost asll non Irish with dumbo degrees from dumbo places. So, I was spot on with my analysis. In today’s hard times, these leeches should not be entertained. They should, instead, be deported.

  • “The aftermath and post conflict situation in Northern Ireland”

    Don’t the ‘semi-detached’ read the papers, watch TV or browse the internet?

  • Alan Maskey

    Contact aoibhin DOT de-burca AT ucdconnect DOT ie if you’d like to attend in person.

    So no takers. Deport thrse leeching, wooden plank Yanks.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    “Generation” is I think the great unrecognised fault line in politics …..young/old (and “generation” is actually more complex that young/old) is at least as powerful as left/right nationalist/unionist, man/woman.
    Of course there is a cyclical thing alongside generation. But looking at the British experience there was in my lifetime a post WW2 experience, followed by a Thatcherite experience ..
    Looking at the Republic there was within my lifetime a Devalera/Lemass/ Aiken……post 1916 thing and a post 1973 Europe thing.
    There is now a post Celtic tiger thing.
    In the North yes there are new voters who have never heard a bomb go off or a shot fired and yes this does translate into politics……not necessarily in the same way.There are probably thousands of persons forty years younger than me is on the voting list………but probably less than 100 who are forty years older.
    We vote according to our ideals (high minded) and self interest (not so good) and I think it follows that the ideals/self interest of the young are much different from mine.
    The key demographic is maybe 25-35 and the people coming into politics in that age group are in very broad terms more close to other 25-35 year olds than they are to people of my age, regardless of party allegiance.
    For the older person..this is challenging. We have seen much change in our lives, become used to “alternative family arrangements” and a different social as well as political landscape.
    Im not saying that I like it ..merely that the next generation have no need to take advice from us who manifestly screwed things up. The nerds and geeks will inherit the Earth.

  • Rory Carr

    That’d be a “yes” then ?

  • The peace lines have extended, and the political nats choked on their cornflakes when an end to apartheid in education was punted.

    is there an ‘agreement’ generation?

  • alanmaskey

    Gee I wanted to mark you down on the new system but no dice.
    Talk of an agreement’ generation is like talk of the X generation. Subsidised sociologists leaving off hot air.
    Would you be happy if Catholicism and other progresive educational forces were outlawed, at least in public?