Matching vote and belief? (we love our graphs)

I’m not sure which topic suggestions for the unconference I’ll be supporting or attending – I’m considering removing the idea I have near the top of the list and promoting my lower rated one. That’s the joy of the format, what happens will only become clear on the day and will be defined by those that decide to attend.

As part of getting in the mood and seeing if a discussion could form around it I thought I’d return to an old favourite – the political compass test.

Feel free to link your result in the comments but it would be a lot more interesting if you not only noted your result but compared it to the position of the party you most recently voted for:

‘British’ Parties 2010

Irish parties 2007

Some parties aren’t listed, sorry.

Are people voting for parties that reflect their personal politics?

I’ll be first up: I didn’t vote in the last two elections but in the south I’d most closely match the Socialist Party, in the north the Greens (I would consider giving both a transfer after my ballot was spoiled 😉