Photograph of the day – found

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  • dodrade

    Well done to Margaret Richie for being big and generous enough to wear a poppy. Who knows, perhaps next year even Nadine Coyle might wear one.

  • Alan Maskey

    Is there a reason for this photo? Is it to give us some kind of snow blindness by wall to wall poppies? What next, Elizabrit’s underwear?

  • Both the poppy and the bunting are found objects, and i took them using my digital camera as a pinhole camera(no lens). Anyways it seemed the right day to post it is all.
    As for the what next question…i’m not sure i have a wide enough angle lens 🙂

  • Halfer

    I resent how the poppy is being used as political fodder.

  • I agree Halfer…….we shouldn’t forget that the soldiers were fodder of a different sort

  • Tweedybird

    A very good photo, symbolizes what today is all about . To me its basically remembering the sacrifices of all our soldiers who died in the World wars to present day.

  • francesco

    “Dormi sepolto in un campo di grano
    non e’ la rosa non e’ il tulipano
    che ti fan veglia dall’ombra dei fossi
    ma sono mille papaveri rossi”

    De Andrè

  • Alan Maskey

    More poppy madness. Surely the nationalist equivalent of the poppy is the Easter lilly. How long before Adams and McGuinness wear a poppy?

  • Jj

    On some websites, there is a mechanism for ensuring that the posts of particular people are blotted out for the reader. Could I suggest that Slugger investigate the potential for facilitating readers who don’t want to see the deranged musings of trolls? No names, no pack drill 😉

  • Alan Maskey

    opefully, the blasphemy of the Poppy celebrations and its thesme of the Afghan killers is over for another 11 months. Plwenty of booze at the RBL with the takings, I should imagine. has anyone strutinised the accounts?

  • Have you been partaking yourself Alan?

  • alanmaskey

    Is there some way of blocking about the ubiquity of poppies, which many people, who have not been brainwashed by the Daily Mail, find offensive?
    The Popppy reason this year is Afghanistan where a Derry (Londonderry more likely) British soldier has just ened his career by dying for a wage packet. Still, Prince William laid a wreath on his flying and well protecte visit so all is well…..even if imperialist insecurtiies demand wall to wall poppies.

  • alanmaskey

    No, bad eyesight. Imagine if I was an RBL boozer. No offence to the older ones. I did stand for the two mnutes though – those I spoke to found it a real intrusion.
    Of the three WW2 veterans present, only one was in good nick. There were no visible chaps from more recent conflicts and most people were either former British Empire (Kikuyu etc) or Hungarians, Germans and Poles, who found the whole thing British bullyboyish. I suspect there may have been a younger ex BA ofifcer there but this whole Poppy malarkey is to give a sense of Englishness.

    A young Kikuyu girl made to make a poppy “in memory of those who gave us our freedoms” dropped a poppy in front of me. I pushed it away like a vampire would an intrusive cross.

    The poppy craze encompasses many things and is different things to different people: real personal grief for some, Princess Diana type public displays of stupidity, sell more daily Mail papers, remaking a sense of white Englishness/Britishness in a post white society, getting the native Irish back onto their four legs.

    Off to see my sistrer now and check out if she stil lwears her poppy with pride or otherwise.

  • alanmaskey

    Another of our boys has just copped it. This time, the Irish Guards.
    Looking through the list and pictures of the fallen, the vast majority are overwhelmingly white. In the US, by contrast, a large number of the fatalities are Hispanics and Philippinos looking for citizenship, much the same way the Romans did things.
    I am sure this guy was a credit to all. Big consolation.