Power now lies in hands of Lowry and Healy-Rae…

There is a part you that has to admire the cool with with Biffo and the boys of Fianna Fail take their knocks. Having your whole fiscal policy dictated by a virtual committee of the ECB and the IMF and fronting the toughest budget in many generations takes some doing. But as Miriam Lord notes in today’s Irish Times, the loss of Jim McDaid was already priced in by his erstwhile party colleagues.

With the Greens keeping their nerve and even calling for moral courage like the old pros they’ve so rapidly become, it is only Jackie Healy Rae and the former Fine Gaeler Michael Lowry keeping the opposition wolf from the Fianna Fail. Last word to Miriam Lord:

And so, Jim McDaid has left national politics. A one-day wonder. Yet in the Dáil chamber – where not one Green appeared during Leaders’ Questions – there is an inescapable feeling that everything is falling apart. Only one man looks happy: Michael Lowry. He’s in charge now. He holds the balance of power. With Jackie Healy-Rae. Happy days.

Quite (I think).