Political Innovation in Belfast and Edinburgh…

We have a couple of events coming up this month. The first is in Edinburgh will host an number of hosted ‘unconference’ discussions, some of them focusing on the Political Innovation essay series.

The impact that Twitter, Facebook, and blogs is likely to have on Scottish politics will be explored by a group of political bloggers, politicians, activists and journalists at a free-to-attend event at Edinburgh’s ‘School of Informatics’ on Saturday 13th November.

The second in Belfast will be at NICVA on 20th November. Amongst other things we’ll be working our way through the initial pitches for Slugger Award categories and winnowing them down to durable awards. Despite the lull, these are still coming in. Send us your 100 words (to: [email protected]) on what qualities you’d like to see in an elected politician.

There’s to be a number of issue specific political debates, with a session hosted by the Open Unionism blog along with red and blue stream discussion for those wishing to build more a conventional politics in the context of Northern Ireland.