See you later?

Don’t forget, the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz is on tonight at The Black Box. Online ticket sales have ended but you can pay on the door.  The throw-in is at 7.45 but the doors are open at 7.30pm. Don’t be late – we won’t wait for you….

A few points to bear in mind:

  • Tonight, everyone realise that you are as clever as you’ve been saying you are for a while now
  • There are prizes. Actually, there are lots of prizes, and very good ones at that, thanks to Stratagem and others…
  • It’s for charity – the importance of The Haven Partnership‘s work in Haiti was highlighted in recent days as the country has been threatened with a cholera epidemic

Finally, special thanks to Paddy Corrigan and everyone else who have been helping pull together a night that will be memorable for the weeping of your opponent’s Womenfolk. And, in a handful of cases, Menfolk (remember, it’s a politics quiz – there’d probably be more women at a Football quiz and no amount of work trying to get a perfect gender balance in the audience was ever going to pay off) 😉

  • Dewi

    Enjoy everyone…and tell us the questions after ?

  • Mark McGregor

    if anyone needs me I’l be propping up the bar – as usual.

  • Suspect that the Assembly Engagement/Comms team and some lobbyists will be providing more “Womenfolk” than you’d expect!

  • Mark McGregor

    I noticed that on the FB page. Stunned.

    Should I splash on some Brut?

  • I’m told Old Spice is quite cheap in the Pound Shops … a neck scarf might be a nice touch too

  • Slik purse. Sow’s ear.

    Enjoy, everyone. Wish I was there.

  • What larks Pip, wish I could have stayed to the end.

  • Dewi

    So who won and stuff?

  • Stephen Blacker

    According to Twitter the SDLP team won. Has anyone heard how much was raised for Haiti?

  • It was a late night – but the result post is now up.