Photograph of the Day – William and Victoria

Ulster Says No (neigh)to the cuts.

Taken at yesterdays ICTU organised rally which, by my estimation, had at it’s peak between 3500- 4000 people in attendance,  (though the umbrellas made it difficult to guage). The building site that is Royal avenue also played it’s part in making it difficult to count the numbers.

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  • Greenflag

    So not William and Kate as per the Daily Mail ;)?

    Nice contrast and juxtaposition with a touch of the clintonesque in the midground scratched in red on brown paper.

    Vicky would not have approved 😉

  • pippakin

    All the ‘neighing’ in the world will not stop these cuts. I’m not looking forward to the next budget in the south. I think it will be very painful indeed.

    Victoria would have skulked in Balmoral divorced from reality. Not much has changed.

  • Cynic

    Nice to see the Templeton Robinson umbrella in shot. Were they protesting at house price cuts?

  • Ranger1640

    Donegall Place is the building site. Royal Avenue stops at Castle Junction. The place were Castle Street, Castle Place, Donegall Place and Royal Avenue meet.