What a smashing guy

Pete noted Nick Robinson won the Comment Awards (from Editorial Intelligence no less) blogger of the year gong. I can’t help but think he’d be more of a must read/watch if he put just a little of his off the clock personality into his paid work.

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  • Alias

    Well, he did explain that violent outburst on his blog – apparently it was an expression of his deep devotion to freedom of speech – specifically his own free speech and his confused conviction that the placard somehow censored it.

    BBC hacks supporting state wars or toadying to power is nothing new. See his blog entry of 13th Oct. where he crawls up the backside of the new Labour leader Ed Milliband for a triumph of obsequious hackery over journalism.

  • Seymour Major

    Never thought I say it but he seems just as intemporate as his cousin Peter.

  • A spook vetted, corporate journalist winning a blogger of the year award, now there is a surprise, does anyone care?

    With the budget etc we are entering one of the most traumatic periods in the UK and Irelands history and this is the best you guys can post up for debate.

  • Spige

    Bloggers are plain and simple wannabees, fuelled by the internet. ‘oh look at me, i can write a blog’. So what, i can peel spuds and i dont need my ego massaged regarding thus said spud peeling boast. Bloggers think highly of their own importance, why though? A postman is more important than a blogger.

  • A postman is more important than a blogger.


    No one is saying they are not and certainly not I, but that does not mean all bloggers are up their own arses, people blog for a host of reasons and those who do so for self advancement are in a minority.

    Most political bloggers do so because they not only want to have their say, but believe their views are as important as the next guys. We also do it because we wish to advance a cause orpolitical belief we believe in.

    The problem with middle class professionals, three of them cannot gather in a room without creating a best of prise and middle class bloggers are no acceptation.

    Myself I cannot see the point of best of competitions as I have yet to see one which is not a powder puff for whomever is running it. From TV programs like Xfactor to best blog compo’s like the above, one way or another they they are all rigged.

    I do not regard corporate cowboys like Robinson as a blogger, but a creature of the MSM who blogs because his bosses told him it was part of his employment contract to blog. If you look at the ‘winners’ of this particular stitch up almost all blog for the corporate MSM. When you compare their blogs with the columns, etc, they write for the MSM there is nothing new or unique about them.

    I do not doubt I have an extremely narrow definition of the word blogger, for me it is an individual looking in from the outside, they can be on the left, right or centre, but what they cannot be is in the pay of the MSM, for then they become a hireling, writing a column to order and running it via the corporate gatekeeper before it goes out on the WWW.

    By the way, by using my definition I have rarely met bloggers who think highly of their own importance, if anything the reverse is true and like myself they agonise over wether some of our spare time could be spent more productively.