Elliott leadership under scrutiny.

A caucus of unsettled Ulster Unionist party members met in secret last night to take stock.

The loose alliance, the names of whom I have been given is known as ‘The 2010 Group’ from across Northern Ireland. They are increasingly disenchanted with the direction in which the leadership of the party is moving.

This prompted a number of people of a moderate disposition to come together to examine the possibility of realising a new bridgehead in politics the goal of which would be to appeal to a wider political and business community. One senses there is an impatience among many of these figures from within the business community at what they see as backward looking politics gripping the Ulster Unionist Party.

One source said, ” we’re open to reaching out to other parties here and in London.”
This is yet another irritation for UUP leader Tom Elliott.

Eamonn Mallie