Two police officers injured in suspected linked attacks

UTV reports that – “Two police officers were injured during overnight riots in Carrickfergus and Ballyclare on Tuesday”.  There was a further disturbance in the Carrickfergus area last night and the BBC adds that police are investigating possible loyalist paramilitary involvement in the incidents.

The PSNI have said one line of inquiry is an earlier police drugs operation at houses in the Castlemara estate in Carrickfergus sparked the disorder.

A small quantity of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin was recovered during the search.

A 37-year-old man allegedly caused a disturbance at the scene and was then arrested.

He was later charged with disorderly behaviour, criminal damage and resisting arrest and will appear in court next month.

Police came under attack by about 20 to 25 masked men during trouble in that estate hours after the operation.

Fireworks, bottles, bricks, paint and a number of petrol bombs were thrown at police vehicles which were in the area following reports of an assault.

One officer suffered minor injuries and a police vehicle was damaged.

In Ballyclare an officer suffered head injuries.

The officer was injured during a routine patrol in a police land rover in the Grange estate in the County Antrim town at about 2330 BST.

Petrol bombs were thrown by masked men and some vehicles were damaged.

The police officer was treated for head injuries but has been discharged.

There was also trouble in Eden, just outside Carrickfergus.

A number of youths blocked the road for a short time with burning wheelie bins.

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  • Rory Carr

    Any more stories like this, Pete and you will be in danger of losing your hard-won reputation as the Slugger bogeyman who only ever posts threads on stories that illustrate nasty and anti-social aspects of reublicanism of whatever stream.

    I must say that if I had “A small quantity of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin… recovered during [a] search” of my premises by police then I too might be likely to cause “a disturbance at the scene.” Well at least I would cry a lot.

  • joeCanuck

    Witty, Rory.

  • Pete Baker

    “Any more stories like this, Pete and you will be in danger of losing your hard-won reputation as the Slugger bogeyman who only ever posts threads on stories that illustrate nasty and anti-social aspects of reublicanism of whatever stream.”

    That would be because your perception of my activity on Slugger is impaired.


  • wild turkey

    “There was also trouble in Eden, just outside Carrickfergus.”


    Did Bob Dylan write that?

  • A.N.Other

    Was that the garden of Eden? (the herb garden..)

  • A.N.Other

    Trouble in Eden…would you Adam and Eve it

  • Dr Concitor

    No, but he did write

    The kingdoms of Experience
    In the precious wind they rot
    While paupers change possessions
    Each one wishing for what the other has got
    And the princess and the prince
    Discuss what’s real and what is not
    It doesn’t matter inside the Gates of Eden.

  • Séamus Rua

    I am sure her Majesty is most grateful to her most loyal of subjects for protecting her interests in a most galant and humble manner in this brave action againist such destestable parliamentary forces such as the PSNI.

  • chewnicked

    Eden was always a staunch wee spot. Now it’s a staunch wee drugs spot, A place where you’re well Abel to get Cained in fact..

  • Johnkingii

    As I come from Carrickfergus i will try to give our viewers some insight Eden was always a loyalist hotspot has links all the way back to Malvern Street 1966 up to you to go digging. Castlemara 1970’s housing estate one way in one way out in paramilitary terms perfectly designed split between two organisations but predominately UDA check out Jackie Macdonalds escapades in Carrickfergus a few years ago. Town in general RUC men who lived there called it Shankill by the sea. Catholic population around 6 percent for the entire council area. Overall harsh rough Protestant working class or one rung up any more orange it would glow in the dark.

  • pippakin

    Loyalists have always used terrorism as a cover for their criminal activities.

    Its possible that the PSNI do not have the backing from the politicians for the kind of crack down needed to deal with loyalist terrorists.

  • wild turkey

    thanks doc

    i still have a viable vinyl of bringing it all back home.

    ‘cut the engines, change to sails’

  • Dr Concitor

    Ah WT, this old stuff really sounds at it should on vinyl.

  • DC

    Based on those figures – is it any wonder why 50:50 policing is pointless whenever the town is over 90% protestant and besides the police are only looking to achieve a 70:30 unionist/nationalist background. Ask people of West Belfast if that is good enough for them – the 30% Catholic criterion – in terms of actual community representation on their patch and I’m sure they would wish to see better representation. Plus better intervention you would think.

    If towns aren’t represented properly then police appear as strangers in uniform. When aggressive policing is applied it all goes off – and it is probably being applied for the right reasons; however, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was as a result of a ‘good UDA’ tip-off about bad UDA growing dope etc.

    All the same, I’m on record for saying policing with the community aka ‘policing with the good paramilitary and their tip-offs’ is still PSNI corruption. The PSNI should be more open and reflect the community it serves – be reflective of its citizens and residents. Risky business I know having local people applying, but the flipside is middle class strangers in uniform applying for jobs via centralised recruitment who end up only directing conflicts from afar either in offices or cars; employing officers who use their PSNI brains over the paramilitary brawn – or worse play various paramilitaries off against one another.

    But if it is in effect policing by paramilitarism, however much it may be on the sneak, or even indirectly done, wouldn’t it be more transparent and upfront to have them in the employ – those transformed ones – working to human rights guidelines. It’s snobbery really and mistrust of locals, plus district commanders etc don’t want the hassle of taking on the responsibility of standing over something like that, having working class types on board in uniform. Better to bluff and brush it under the carpet via arms length ‘policing with the community’ nonsense. Corruption. Bobby Moffett springs to mind.

    Basically, PSNI reform must be continuous – Big Society style if needs be!

  • Dan

    Cad é an fadbh agat leis na Póilíní? Leis an Arm na Breataine, b’fheidir, ach is iad na Póilíní muintir na hÉireann anois, mura bhfuil tú in a caimiléar (léigh: Shinner nó Provo) ar ndóigh…

  • Greenflag

    And the man said -‘the woman you put here with me -she gave me some weed from the bush and I smoked it ‘

    Then the Lord God said to the woman ,

    “What is this you have done?”

    And the woman said ‘

    The snake deceived me o Lord and I had a quick puff ‘

    And the Lord God sighed and saith in a loud voice -“According to the script I am supposed to cast ye naked from Eden not even with a fig leaf between you – but as ye are already in Eden there is now nowhere to cast you . It is after all October and the North Channel is too cold and although I am an authoritarian and vengeful and violent Protestant God I have to be mindful of my public persona now on Earth as my marketing advisers tell me . Moreover I am told by the councillors that as members of one of the few self chosen peoples of the Lord ye cannot be sent to Hell or even Connaught for that is where the dastardly Fenians had to be cast .. How they knoweth that Hell is now overfull with bankers and lawyers and false purveyors of religion I knoweth not . These councillors must have eaten mightily of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Connaught alas is full to the brim with large sized Fenians who would not take kindly to an influx of politically incorrect orang utangans grunting in accents unmild making noisesome parades for three months of the year .

    And the Lord then went to North Antrim where he hath heard of a man name of Noah who was reputedly a famed shipbuilder in his day and could bang out an Ark of nine cubits that could contain all those inhabitants of Eden and such like domains .

    And the Lord saith unto Noah . ‘How long O master ark builder ‘ must I wait for delivery ?”

    And Noah replied -‘ I could have it ready for by November o Lord but it’s not just the bloody unionists it’s the bloody unions as well 🙁

  • pippakin

    Yet Connaught is full of bogs Oh Lord and many a man has slipped between cup and lip.

    And the Lord said: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

    The lady pursed her lips and replied: And if it all goes pear shaped there is still the bloody bog. Oh Lord..:)

  • lamhdearg

    where they of egyptian extraction, cain and abel

  • lamhdearg

    Terrorists have always used terrorism as a cover for their i know this post is about loyalists being assh**es, but we of the middle ground should always try not to single out one side.

  • Pete Baker

    If we could get back to the actual topic…

    Which, for the sake of those short of comprehension, is the apparent [unidentified] paramilitary co-ordinated reactions to a police raid and the arrest of a specific individual.

  • lamhdearg

    unidentified=we dont know which paramilitary groupings or specific individual is involved, therefor comment is hard to be actual.

  • socaire

    Poilíní Briotanach ata i gceist, a chara.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, lamhdearg, then focus on the co-ordinated reactions to the police raid/arrest.

    Paramilitary groups exerting their control of communities, etc…

  • Damian O’Loan

    This is perhaps related to the release of André Shoukri or the S-E Antrim UDA dissidents? It’s described by the BBC as under ‘probe’ as to whether there is a loyalist link. I should imagine a probe into other ‘community control’ organisations in the areas won’t take long. Your links might include the last police office shot by the group in Carrickfergus;

  • lamhdearg

    Ok pete, south east antrim uda v jackies uda, police USED,paras falling support take a hissy fit, bbc utv ect reporters useless.

  • Pete Baker

    Whatever happened to “unidentified=we dont know which paramilitary groupings or specific individual is involved, therefor comment is hard to be actual.”?

    Now you have a complete conspiracy for us?

    You know the tinfoil doesn’t work…

  • lamhdearg

    pete is there no pleasing you i flipped over and you still are not happy, please also see my 10.14 post.

  • lamhdearg

    ps tinfoil in great for keeping moisture in roasted meat.

  • Brian

    Big ado over a little cannabis? They should hand that out over there and take away their liquor.

  • Rory Carr

    Ah but it is not my perception at all, Pete. I was using the appearnce of this thread to make a wry comment on the oft repeated perception of other commenters on this site. I am not in the game of shooting the messenger myself.