Former IRA volunteer – ‘ (PIRA) execution’ of Joe O’Connor.

You could file this under ‘too little, too late’?

Rusty recently provided a lengthy and detailed examination of the Provisionals’ execution of IRA Volunteer Joe O’Connor, this lead me to ask should former members/supporters of the provisional Republican Movement honestly examine this and other lies of the organisation they used to belong to before they moved on.

While I’m not a great fan of Mairtin og Meehan (sorry Mairtin) he puts it front and central with the address he gave at Joe O’Connor’s 10th anniversary commemoration:

On behalf of grassroots Provisional IRA Volunteers and Sinn Fein Activists, I apologise to the O’Connor & Notarantonio families for Joe’s political assassination. I make the apology as a former Provisional IRA Volunteer, former Sinn Fein member and Ex- Political Prisoner. I do so in the full confidence that the vast majority of Provisionals at that time were rightly outraged by such a callous execution carried out in their name! It was disgraceful and totally besmirched Irish Republicanism!

Is anyone still denying the Provos murdered O’Connor?