PSNI: “We will seek to make it difficult for them”.

The BBC reports that the Policing Board have been told that the PSNI are to launch “a major security operation against dissident republicans over the coming days”.  From the BBC report

At the October meeting of the policing board, PSNI Deputy Chief Constable Judith Gillespie said that the public may face disruption as a result of the operations.

“Over the coming days you will see an increase in police activity across Northern Ireland as we continue our efforts to prevent serious harm and keep our communities safe,” Mrs Gillespie told members of the independent oversight body in Belfast.

She said that on occasion police activity may “delay or disrupt people going about their legitimate business”.

However, she said the force would seek to minimise the impact of their activities on ordinary people and asked the public for understanding.

And from the UTV report

Assistant Chief Constable Alistair Finlay said the public should expect disruption as a result of the operations.

He appealed for patience and tolerance from the community.

“From time to time we will take action when we feel we have to put in place security measures in order to keep the community safe”, he told UTV.

“They will see an enhance police presence at various times of the day as we move resources around and seek to suppress those who want to harm.

“We will seek to make it difficult for them”.

Timing, eh?