Please explain what these neighbourhoods across the divide are actually sharing

This is a perfect example of what I mean by calling for fuller reporting and what others mean when they say the media should stop relying on handouts so much. The New Lodge and Mount Vernon are integrating! Huge story, Northern Ireland is saved! If it can happen here it can happen anywhere. What I’m now itching to read is the news backgrounder describing how integration – ok, let’s stick with sharing – is really being advanced. It will win a Pulitzer prize. Or might the story be about making claims for much needed public dosh under any convenient label? The Shared Neighbourhood programme seems laudable but what is actually delivering? How does it work? Close observation required. Have I missed the positive results? Real evidence welcome.

And no, I’m not looking for failure.

I wish it very well.

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  • Cynic

    I assume they are sharing cash

  • mister

    From the article:

    “They have access to grants”

    I think that’s about all the explanation we need.

  • otto

    Sharing a fence?

  • A.N.Other

    Poverty and Hope.

  • Seosamh

    Poverty and No Hope

  • Johnkingii

    They are sharing a small office in Duncairn Gardens staffed by one ex-extortionist and one ex red diesal smuggler who will share pens and other stationary when helping people from both communities fill out DLA forms, Incapacity Benefit, Carers Allowance and anything else free that one can think of instead of getting a job while their customers share cups of free tea and coffee

  • jtwo

    If you think the Bel Tel still has the resources to do in depth research into the outcomes of community programmes in north Belfast – which incidentally most of their readers couldn’t give a toss about – you must be mental.

  • Christian Schmidt

    One gets heads, the other one tails

  • Christian Schmidt

    What for? You don’t have any LibDems to sit on it…

  • Cynic

    Isnt the process great.

  • Cynic

    ” The DUP is ready and willing to explore areas of co-operation and unity with our colleagues in the UUP”. Robinson on Elliott election”

    Come into my parlour ………

    ……… by the way, may I introduce you to my friend here who is a property developer and will be delighted to discuss with you the potential in all those redundant party offices now your membership is deserting in droves.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    No Mr Walker..youve not missed anything.
    Community workers.
    What would we do without them?

  • jim

    why should we give a toss.all these people share are ideas on the next move they can pull for the next grant.if these cuts are coming these gangs must go to the wall.

  • Rapunsell

    Easy to be cynical. I expect you all live in nice cosy mixed neighbourhoods where everything is just fine?

    If you ever get a chance make an appointment with the likes of Paul Roberts and Jim Deery of the Ashton Community Trust and go and see what mere community workers have achieved in terms of real regeneration, local services and jobs. Grants are hardly the half of it – there are genuine community owned businesses- childcare, IT, business incubation etc operating at a level of professionalism some of our small private sector companies would be envious of.

    Given the number of people killed in the New Lodge by loyalists , you’d think there’d be some admiration and at least a little respect for people trying to work together often with personal risk to themselves and their families.

  • From

    “The Housing Executive continues to implement its Shared Neighbourhood Programme across Belfast, which encourages integrated residential areas that are safe and welcoming to all”.

    So it is actually about making it possible for Protestants and Catholics to live in the same street (at least in cities, if not in Rasharkin).

    Why expect reporters to do it all, when a Google search gives you so many clues?

  • anne warren

    Better sharing cash than murder ing each other

  • Brian Walker

    “..making it possible to live in the same street..” How, Dave Newman.?