Slugger Awards: “Politics would be better if only the Media would….”

As we noted last week we are relying on you to help us develop the Slugger Awards categories this year. If it works, it will be a multi-layered process: including a Dragon’s Den type breakfast event later in the Autumn. But we need to get started with as many ideas as possible.

Today we begin, not with politicians, but with the media. The ‘provocation’ is deliberately short, so as many people can give us their ideas as to what would make for a better politics in Northern Ireland.

So all you have to do is finish this sentence: “Politics would be better if only the Media would….”

Usual Slugger Awards rules apply. In other words, just try to complete the proposition and negatives (for example, screeds about what they shouldn’t be doing) will be removed on sight…

Otherwise, just make it short and to the point. And have a bit of fun with it..