History of Wales – redux…

If you have the great fortune (or life planning abilities) to live in this wonderful country then you can buy the Western Mail. Do so today because it’s the start of what looks like being a super series. If by ill-fortune, bad planning, or inconvenient romance you have ended up elsewhere don’t worry it’s on the internet!

A New History of Wales– there’s the home page and quite a nice small montage of well chosen photos from a young Tom Jones to Miners Strikes, the Pontypool Front Row and of those schoolgirls in daft hats…..Take a look. and here’s a summary of the month long project – looks a treat to be honest..
………and a great way to start, the old favourite Are we really Celtic? – slightly seriously Prof Karl I think underplays the Roman cultural influence but it’s a great read.
And finally Quizzes – Don’t you just love them.