RAADical reporting? Pinch of salt required?

A pipebomb attack on a car in Strabane and the foolish heroism of a local man in dealing with the device has been widely reported. In recent coverage much of the MSM has dropped the term ‘community worker’ to describe him, he is now reported as a ‘taxi driver’ facing a death threat from a ‘criminal gang’ along with the intended target of the device (an alleged drug dealer he has no connection with, who has already left the country).

However, this all seems a bit odd as the group supposedly responsible is Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) and the taxi-driver being passed threats via the PSNI is the brother of Irish Republican Socialist Party, Ard Comhairle member – Willie Gallagher.

Indeed the taxi driver himself seems to have been senior enough in the Republican Socialist Movement in the past to deliver Easter Orations on their behalf.

As Willie Gallagher noted:

I would really take this ‘threat’ with a pinch of salt-there was no reference to RAAD in the written PSNI message that they delivered last night and the term used was ‘a criminal gang.’ Three other Irps from the town all got similar type messages this past few months and to be honest I don’t believe RAAD are behind any of them.

While it is claimed the initial bomb attempt was carried out by RAAD it seems unusual that the media are not reporting/investigating other issues possibly connected to this incident that could generate real problems in the Strabane area and beyond for years to come.

So are the RAAD or a ‘criminal gang’ about to start shooting people with strong connections to the RSM? Is this a dirty tricks campaign? Should we be taking these reports with the big pinch of salt Willie suggests?

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  • GreenBack

    ‘community worker’ needs to be dropped completely.
    Do these ‘workers’ have real jobs?
    Or are they just local loudmouths (loyalis and republican), with paramilitary connections?

  • jim

    yer right.none of these scroats ever worked a day in their lives they love grants thats their war cry.with these cuts coming these moochers need chopped first

  • Rory Carr

    Should we be taking these reports with the big pinch of salt Willie suggests?”

    Given the history of the INLA and whatever guise it comes in today we would certainly be well advised to take anything that its spokesman, Willie Gallagher says witha big pinch of salt.

    Why should we find it odd that the Irps are shooting and bombing each other today when that was all they ever did in fallouts over stolen money, stolen drugs or stolen wives or girlfriends?

  • Alan Maskey

    Is this the same Wilie Gallaher who was beaten up by PSGF thugs? he same INLA who lost three martrs to the Provo hijacked hunger strike? The same INLA who offed Mountabatten and who did the Dropping Well? The same INLA who had the IPLO set on them by PIRA? oh well
    Let’s concentrate on victimising the victim. After all, to use the LVF/FRU logic, he has IRSP linkis and so will get what he deserves.

  • Glencoppagagh

    Hardly ‘foolish heroism’ given the extremely high improbability of the device actually exploding. More like rational calculation?

    What is the RSM?

  • Rory Carr

    I think that you will find, Alan, that whatever other acts of madness the INLA may have been guilty of, the murder of Mountbatten was not one of them.

  • Saerbhreathach

    Alan could do well to read a few history books I believe.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Lost in pointless micro-group acronyms … as Alec Baldwin puts it in Glengarry Glenross, “a loser is a loser”. Let’s not flatter them with interest in who’s shagging who’s girlfriend in their little scene.

  • Tina


    thankfully the provisionals didn’t start shooting rapists and child abusers within their ranks, never mind the British agents at mid and upper leadership levels, as that would have been the mother of blood baths.