PM, DPM and our dFM back Bangor school fundraiser…

An old friend from my Institute of Governance days at Queens got in contact last week. He punted me this eye catching fundraiser for Clifton Special School. Amongst the items they hope will raise the school much needed cash is a guide to 10 Downing Street signed by Coalition heads, Cameron and Clegg (or Cleggeron, if you please) and a signed copy of a poem by the deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness.

As it happens, I took my first summer job at Clifton so it took me back a bit. It was a great place to spend time with some great people. So, if you’re into politics and have the time:

Event: Clifton Charity Ball and auction

Date: Saturday 18th September

Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Location: Stormont Hotel, Belfast

We are informed that:

…the Clifton Charity Ball features fine-dining, entertainment from George Jones and a chance to claim a raft of rare auction items including a guide to 10 Downing Street, and a signed pair of boxing gloves from former world champion Barry McGuigan.

The funds raised will help provide vital equipment needed to help severely disabled children access ICT and interactive learning materials. The addition of the modern touch-screen installation will lower the barriers preventing many students from engaging in important ICT-based teaching and learning.

Clifton School provides education for pupils from 3-19 years old with severe learning difficulties, physical disabilities, autism and complex medical needs.

Tickets are £60 (or £600 for a table) and are available from:… Enjoy…

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  • Rory Carr

    Couldn’t the First Minister have also donated something ? A lock of Iris’s hair perhaps, now that would have excited a frenzy of bidding on e Bay I imagine.

    When “entertainment from George Jones” is promised among the night’s attractions surely they can’t mean the legendary one-tine husband of the late Tammy Wynette who stood by her man just about as much as she could stand? Regardless of his troubled history, that George Jones is unparallelled as a c&w singer/songwriter and that is one statement from me that will simply not bear dispute – among his fellow performers he is regarded as simply peerless with a voice that has the ability to make the hairs on the back of the neck of even the most die-hard c&w detestor stand up on end. But I suspect it’s more likely to be George Jones, the plumber and part-time songster from Cullybackey or somewhere like that, not to detract from this fellow’s talent but ….

    My best wishes to the college for success in tonight’s fund-raising event but what a pity that such charitable fund-raising is required for such a necessary aid to the development of the welfare of the disabled. There is something quite appalling about a political system that requires that such necessary functions are dependent upon the begging-bowl of charity rather than through ensuring that the super-wealthy pay their just share of taxation.

    But then what can we expect when even the wounded and maimed of the current military adventures for private profit are themselves dependent for treatment upon the success of their ability to demean themselves by begging for help with the aid of the tax-avoiding Murdoch empire?

  • fin

    There are few good news stories about education these days so its nice to see that primary schools in NI are been praised on the BBC news for introducing ‘personal finance classes’ in the past few years. Well done to that Education Minister!!!

  • Philip Stanfield

    Hi Mick

    Well the Ball raised a staggering £14,500 for Clifton!!!! George Jones MC’d and his band played.

    Martin McGuinness’s poem and David CamerClegerons book both fetched at Auction £175 each!!!! We’re greatfull that both men took the time to give us a little support.

    Clifton is not just a Special School – it’s a family of very special kids and teachers, classroom assistants, bus drivers and medics and much more.

    And you’d know that .. hear it was your 1st job!

  • Philip Stanfield

    Hi Rory
    It was a fantastic nightl. George Jones as in Clubsound and the radio. And to be fair he did a 10/10 job of MC and helping drive the auction.

    For the record the DFM was quick off the mark to ask how he could help. As was David C.

    We take the realistic position that our kids need all the help we can get for them. We didn’t take a begging bowl approach but laid on a top notch night at Stormont.

    We raised “14.5k and that included many donations with ‘ordinary’ people from £20 to £1000.