DARD budget to be cut by 18% over four years

A couple of points to note from the BBC report on comments by a Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture senior civil servant to the NI Assembly committee.  The 18% budget cut over the next four years matches the earlier reported cut of 17.2% in the budget of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.  Then there’s this

The department official said no assumptions were being made about where cuts will be made and whether jobs will be lost.

He also revealed a savings plan, supposed to be delivered to the Department of Finance by 26 August, has not yet been submitted by the minister, Michelle Gildernew. [added emphasis]

Perhaps they’re still working out how they’ll we’ll pay those EU fines…

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  • slug

    I think its important that these cuts not simply fall on govt investment projects but also on govt “consumption” spending on civil service jobs. At the end of the day projects bring a return in the future.

  • wrylyamused

    It still doesn’t add up… DCAL & DARD cuts do not help sufficiently to fund the expected cuts – Health & Education, 2 biggest budgets, will face greatest burden.

    Someone, somewhere needs to work out a better plan; perhaps some of the NIW forensic accounting on slugger could pour onto this problem?

  • Conn Cerned

    ONLY 18% cuts? That’s easily achieved through greater efficiencies – and there’s no shortage of those to be had in government departments! DEL could find them in their FE colleges through better/tighter governance. Let’s have well paid Chairs for ALL public Boards. The voluntary arrangements don’t bring the commitment in time that is necessary to ensure proper examination and accountability on taxpayers behalf.

  • Jtwo

    The BBC have updated to say that the eu fine could rise to 100m.

  • redhugh78

    Could be worse,
    Nelsons Mc Causland’s ‘Ulster-Scots Academy’ for christ sake.

  • The Raven

    Really? Have you tried getting a grant from the Rural Development Programme? They’ve made it so complicated, they’re going to have to hand money back. And they aren’t even running it themselves!