London Fundraiser for Trócaire in Pakistan

For those readers who might be in London, please do pop round the Hammersmith Irish Centre from half seven!   We’ve a fundraiser on to assist Trócaire‘s aid to the flood-stricken zones of Pakistan.  Pakistani Deputy High Commissioner Asif Durrani will be updating us on relief efforts, alongside Tony McCullagh from the Irish Embassy speaking on the Irish role.  We’ll then have a trad ensemble playing, in the first of a series of ‘Trad for Trócaire’ events which will kick off across Ireland throughout September.

There’s a Facebook page for the event, and directions are here.  The theme for the evening will be ‘Jedward hair’.  Though perhaps I’ll comb first.

Those who can’t come but might still like to send a donation are warmly welcome to write to  The London Irish Lawyers Association are very kind co-sponsors of the event.  We’ve also donated Asian cookery lessons and limited-edition framed photographic prints to flog, tonight and online, all proceeds going to the Trócaire Pakistan appeal.

I’ll be posting early next week on the annual Irish Aid report, which is released on Monday, and on conversations I’ve had with Trócaire’s staff working now in the flood zones.

  • Alan Maskey

    Assalamu alaikum

    Would we be safe? Are many Western charities actively involved? Any Islamic conditions set in advance? I reckon there is some donor fatique. No fault of the victims of course. Good luck.

  • Sidewinder

    No thanks. I was born in NI and live in London but I do not wish to be involved with any “Irish role” whatever that means. I oppose irredentism here and always.

  • Munsterview

    In sharp contrast to the many young educated prods going to third level or working over there, it has been my pleasure to talk to in half dozens or more after sessions about 98 and their own hidden culture.

    Why not donate your body to one of the Dinosaur exhibition centres over there, it would be such a shame to waste your carcass when you pass on!

  • lamhdearg

    sidewinder PUT A FIVER in the pot and act ?

  • Clo

    Such useless input on a topic such as this, but I guess we all have very different priorities.

  • Alan Maskey

    Well said Lamhdearg.
    Trocaire, one of the better charity outfits, are saying the Taliban are now whacking aid workers. Legitimate targets and all that.

  • Oracle

    Fundraiser for Trocaire in Pakistan…..

    Not fundraiser for Pakistan, so if anyone is in London at 7.30 do the decent thing and nip round at 7.20 and padlock the front door or come at 8.30 and steal the donation box.

    when trocaire start handing out condoms to combat aids instead of telling children to avoid temptation i’ll change my mind, until then you’ll remain the Roman Catholic frontline recruiting sergeants

  • Alan Maskey

    Assalamu alaikum

    dig deep for the swimmers Oracle That’s a great and very original excuse argument.
    Padraig, This genius has got me to dig into my heavily guarded purse..

    ..even if you might be one of the Fine Gael Beltons of old;) it is still a good but sadly undersubscribed cause. Better to let them drown in water unless we send them an armada of rafts made of rubber, I guess

  • I never support any charity that has RCC anywhere in its paperwork…Not a chance.

  • Alan Maskey