Let’s be careful out there!

Here’s a fun video to consider, via Spaceweather.com.  It shows the map of the solar system updating from 1980 to present as more asteroids are discovered.  

As Spaceweather notes

Warning: Feelings of claustrophobia have been reported among some viewers. It’s crowded out there!

New discoveries appear in white.  Final colour indicates how close the asteroid comes to the inner solar system – Earth crossers in red, Earth approachers (perihelion less than 1.3AU) in yellow, and all others in green.  Orbital elements from database created by Ted Bowell and associates.  And there’s an up-to-date Near Earth Objects map at the Armagh Observatory website.  Credit: Scott Manley.

Remember, Jupiter is usually our friend and lord…  [Adds – I’ve used a clearer final link]