Vesta awaits!

Nasa previews the Dawn mission’s visitation with the asteroid Vesta, due next year as noted here, with a video presentation narrated by Leonard Nimoy – as opposed to the previously noted video narrated by William Shatner.  Whether the encounter will be as stunning as that of the Rosetta probe was remains to be seen…  The Dawn mission website is here. 

More Dawn related  videos and interviews here.

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  • slappymcgroundout

    Pete, since you’ve gotten no responses, back to our prior discussion (don’t want you feeling all alone there):

    Cross ref this with the horse mussel. They and we are adapted to our circumstance. And I didn’t cite the studies that show that the bone loss might very well be permanent. You and I both know that such isn’t at all a good or acceptable thing. Both results should have been entirely predictable. Rule no. 1: one can never isolate the performance from the context in which it occurred. And so we must take our atmosphere with us and we’ll have the bone and muscle loss unless we can take earth’s gravity with us as well (all the exercise and exercise machines be damned).

    By the way, Vesta is a big rock. Sorry to rain on our man’s dreams of “cool”. Infinitely more fascinating is the moon. That just so glancing collision that didn’t destroy both and allowed the moon to bounce off and be captured in orbit. Just so. I’d call it miracle, but some have another definition of miracle. Pity, since I can look at the moon and see miracle and they can’t.