“a kind of conservative, male-dominated organisation”

Northern Ireland Regional Development Minister, Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy, has clarified his position after telling the Irish News that he would have “reservations” about his teenage son or daughter joining the PSNI because “[He thinks] police services are a kind of conservative, male-dominated organisation”.

From the UTV report

Mr Murphy told The Frank Mitchell Show he had not wanted to talk about his children and that he had refused to give any personal information on them.

But while he said his comments had not been made “in relation to young people generally” but about his own family, he added: “My own personal view is that organisations like that – like police forces, armies – are very autocratic organisations and it’s not something that I would encourage someone to be part of.”

Unlike, for example, Sinn Féin…

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  • Cynic

    The former board of NIW might have a view on what autocracy and the arbitrary exercise of power looks like

  • Pigeon Toes

    Laurence McKenzie (‘They tell me I’m being autocratic – I say – get used to it”)
    Hmm… 😉

  • Alias

    Well, it’s progress that he only objects to British law and the forces that impose it on quasi feminist grounds and not on grounds that it is foreign law, devised by foreigners to serve foreign national interests. It’s true, of course, that MI5 is an “autocratic organisation” but his party voted to allow it to have free and unaccountable use of the police force to protect and promote British national interests so its probably just as well that his objection is “personal.” Mr Murphy has been well-trained.

  • Alan Maskey

    Thanks to Mr Baker and Mr Murphy for this belly laugh. As the Americans might say about Mr Murphy, is he for real? Maybe put Catriona Ruane in as head of the PSNI? Sorry, Conor the Clown is too funny.

  • pinni

    But, surely, if Mr Murphy’s son and/or daughter were to join the PSNI, that would help to redress the balance. And, I’m sure, also, that he knows and understands the benefits of the discipline one learns in army life. Wasn’t he in one himself?

  • Forget about the north. If I had to take a flying leap at a guess I would say the PSNI is one of the most politically correct institutions in the world. Anyone who thinks the PSNI are not watched through a microscope is being unbelievably naive. In the case of Conor Murphy an observer would have to stretch unbelievable to incredible.

    He may have children but he has no balls. If he doesnt want his children to sully their republican street cred (just in case) he should say so.

  • jim

    the only discipline he learnt was during his criminal days in jail.if his kids joined the police they might have to investigate the murder of young paul quinn

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Perfectly reasonable to have reservations about a son or daughter joining PSNI…..or buying a motor cycle.
    Its kinda dangerous.
    With the dissident terrorists intent on killing one, Id imagine Mr Murphy might feel his kids especially vulnerable.

    Back in 1970, a family friend joined Sir Arthur Youngs reformed RUC. Even after internment he lived quite openly in Catholic West Belfast. In late 1971 he was shot three times and confined to a wheelchair.
    I suspect Mr Murphy is not the only politician (unionist or republican) to have reservations about his kids joining PSNI. Not that many unionist politicians were enthused about their kids in RUC or UDR.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Of course the PSNI is overflowing with the sons and daughters of…….journalists?
    Maybe not.

  • FJH

    Politicians, journalists, politicians, journalists, decisions, decisions. Its a tough choice alright…

  • DC

    I’m with bated breath for the rolling back of abortion laws then Conor Murph.

    Mind you was it not the deputy First Minister that said this:

    “I am not a fan of East-Enders or Coronation Street but my wife and my children, particularly the girls, watch the programme. I am appalled at the drunkenness that is quite clear for everybody to see and all of that before the 9 o’clock watershed when children as young as 8, 9, 10 and 11 are watching. Now I regard that as irresponsible broadcasting and I think something should be done about it.”

    How very socially conservative of SF’s Martin McGuinness!

    Ps Conor – uppa (male dominated) ‘Ra!

  • Alias

    There is a bit of the Mary Whitehouse about that…

  • Alias

    Incidentally, broadcasting is an ‘excepted matter’ under the GFA so the local hacks may think that “something should be done about it” but the powers to do anything about it remain with the central government and not with the local administrators of its rule.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I know who I prefer.

  • FJH

    Yeah, I know

  • GFASupporterbutRealist

    Well, SF is not an “army” or “police” like organization then ? It’s not, well…autocratic, like Conor muses about the army or the police!?
    Good lord. There is probably more hierarchy and discipline within SF than the police! SF is run precisely LIKE a military org or the police, for heaven’s sake! Speaking out of turn or questioning the authority of Conor Murphy or his bosses is a no-no within SF. Thinking out loud in public is NOT a SF tradition. It is driven from the top down not the bottom up. It is not a particularly democratic organization but an authoritarian oriented one where the plebs are told to toe the party line or they will get in soapy bubble fast, ostracised, expelled, vilified etc. What a ridiculous comment by Murphy. When David Ford steps down as P and J Minister eventually, will Conor Murphy not want the job then in a couple of years time because he wd be overseeing a somewhat “autocratic” ministry? Our Conor wd make a cat laugh.

  • West Sider

    And Slugger turns psychotic.

    Nine posts from PB on the front page and nearly all of them goading SF – and taunting, repetitive posts from the man himself in the comments section.

    I blame the meteor shower – it does strange things to a man.

    But really folks – what is going on?

    The dank crypt gets even more murky.

  • Alan Maskey


    Meanwhile, Sinn Fein and “ex” PIRA in the South are threatening suspected serial rapist Larry Murphy. One would think such a creature would fit in well with many close to the Sinn Fein leadership.
    Also, please note the “ex” PIRA guy personally threatened Murphy. But Murphy has been in a sex offender’s prison. So unless the PIRA guy was a screw…..

  • Unless the PIRA guy was a screw? He was/is something else…Talk about people in glass houses should not throw stones! nor should they toss their ‘troubles’ to others. The creature Murphy should not have been released. He is suspected of murder. If he is sick he is incurable. He needs to be under close supervision, and so do the lunatics who threatened him.

  • circles

    don’t worry – PB will be back doing what he’s best at tomorrow with an update on tonight’s meteor shower.

    In the meantime, we can try and work out just what might be newsworthy of this daft little piece – other than it giving the digruntled of all shades of orange and green the chance to climb up on that oul high horse…..

  • Pete Baker
  • percy

    Once you’re dance with the devil, you can get get out, until the music stops..
    Thar she blows!

  • Pete Baker

    ‘Awesome comments are highly valued, attempted hijackers not so much’ Most restrained, and I read it the first time. This was a minor but important detour. Sorry.

  • Cynic

    Given Mr Murphy’s past history, would they pass vetting? I hope not.

  • A N Other

    “a kind of conservative, male-dominated organisation”

    At least, as far as we know, they do not engage in institutional child abuse…

  • William Markfelt

    “My own personal view is that organisations like that – like police forces, armies – are very autocratic organisations and it’s not something that I would encourage someone to be part of.”

    WTF is wrong with this?

    I can’t remember who said it but, sometime in the 1970s, prior to the punk era, one of those rock dinosaurs (Lennon, Clapton? Dylan, maybe, bearing in mind his ‘never trust a copper in a raincoat’ poem) was quoted in the New Musical Express along the lines of (paraphrasing) ‘there’s something fucked up in the head of people who want to police others’.

    Mind you, I’d not encourage my children to become MLAs either. Unless, of course, they demonstrate themselves to have the characteristics of self-regarding bastards. In which case, MLA, solicitor or journalist would make perfectly sensible career choices.

    Going offline now to write my ‘never trust an MLA in a raincoat’ poem.

  • William Markfelt

    There’s a right shower visible in Stormont, most days.

  • IThey’ve managed to get, er, rid of the sole female NED from NI Water!!

    Only one of the 17 member NI Water Executive Team (ET) in July 2009 was female. While I’m on the subject of ET the last minutes were published online on November 2, 2009, which funnily enough was the ET meeting after that October 27 Board meeting where MacKenzie expressed his dissatisfaction with some Board members. All is now hunky-dory and the missing ET minutes will be published by August 23. That’s a firm committment!! Now for the Board minutes 😉

  • Kevin Barry

    I noticed it’s been pretty slow news-wise of late.

    So CM decides to point out the make up of most police forces, big whoop; really, how is this news?

  • USA

    I agree. The guy is out of control. He’s not a blogger at all, just a cut and paste merchant with an agenda.

  • Kevin Barry

    Empty vessels and all that

  • Alan Maskey

    Sin Fein attempting to capitalise on the release of Larry Murphy is relevant for a number of reasons both to this thread and to readers of this forum.
    Conor Murphy would have us believe he and his party are concerned about women and having them and children treated with the dignity they believe and in accordance with advanced norms of behaviour and that the GardaI/PSNI are currently not the bodies to do this. Yet Sinn Fein has been suspected of hiding serial sex offenders with close links to their leaders and moving them around not only nationally but internationally as well.
    The story recounts how an “ex” PIRA member has threatened to take the law into his own hands and kill (Larry)Murphy and that a Sinn Fein councillor (without consulting representatives from more responsible parties or organisations like the Rape Crisis Centre) organised a mob meeting (50 attended, bus-ins most likely as this was PSF).

    The inference I draw from all this is PSF is still trying to have their cake and eat it. Their ranks include not only mass murderers but, most likely child sex abusers and women abusers as well. Recent posts/threads have supported that contention.
    Roman Catholics clerics resign if they have fondled a child decades ago. If Conor Murphy is serious about protecting women and children, he should work to expose the child sex abusers, the rapists and those who cover up for them in his party. At least one very senior Poc fada member of PSF is believed to fall into this category.
    He should also acknoweldge the pain his party have cuased to women and children both directly and indirectly; this would include the suicide of the daughter of John Corocoran, after he was murdered, supposedly by a leading light in PSF, who now pontificates in kindergarten level English from Leinster House.

    Yes, Larry Murphy has to be monitored continuously by the forces of law and order. But so too do other suspects much closer to Conor Murphy, who can only be a figure of fun on wimmin related topics until he and the leadership of PSF clean up their own acts.
    And it is the forces of law and order who have to do this, not the suspected child abusers of the Short Strand IRA.

    So give us a break Conor Murphy. Shut your trap.

  • jim

    are these murphys related.

  • Alan Maskey

    Not sure this is the right thread, but for the rest I completely agree.

  • William Markfelt


    With one hand, Minister Murphy is chucking women off the board of NIW to create a conservative, male dominated board.

    On the other hand, he’s criticising a conservative, male-dominated organisation.

  • British Citizen

    They only turn a blind eye to it! 😉