“I have no intention of not being the party president.”

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has confirmed the previously noted reports that the party is to hold a “significant activist meeting” on Monday 10th August to “review the current situation, assess our strategic, political and oranisational progress and then set out a programme of work for the coming months.” Although one item, in particular, would appear to be off the agenda.

The veteran republican yesterday insisted he welcomed debate and suggestions on the direction of the party but said there was no question of him not being leader. “It isn’t an issue at this time. I’m the party president and sin é (that’s it),” [Gerry Adams] said. Asked if he would still be leader in five years’ time, he responded: “I have no intention of not being the party president.”

Alternatively, as previously noted, he is “trapped by circumstances that are arguably of his own making”.
Gerry Adams also commented on what Toiréasa Ferris had to say.

Mr Adams refused to be drawn on his own opinions on her claims but said there was a debate going on within the republican movement which was different to any debate in the Dublin-based media, which he said was biased against the party.

“It isn’t for me to adjudicate publicly on what is said by any of the people who are bringing these suggestions forward.

“Toireasa clearly is one of that raft of younger activists who are very passionate about their views, who are very genuine and sincere about their republicanism and are part of what is going to be the future for the party right across the island.”

Of course, “Mr Adams [also] insists that the Sinn Féin project remains on track.”