Photograph of the Day – McMaster Street

after Brassai

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  • Michael

    First thing I thought was
    Odd Man Out

  • That’d be me then:-)
    It’s the lamp post that really got my attention

    You perhaps mean ‘The Third Man’?

  • Michael

    No the b&w James Mason film where he plays an IRA man, i think it’s called odd man out.
    Strange to see such an old lamp post, especially one that looks so delicate compared to the modern variety, untouched amoung vandalised buildings.

    I must admit, I’m jealous of your passion to be out late at night looking for little gems like this.

  • Aaaah got ya.

    This is for an annual project with the theme (this year) of ‘Nocturnal’.
    I had intended to do something else but as is often the case when you’re out and about something else caught my eye!
    A tripod is a necessity for these shots

  • Gavin

    Actually, McMaster Street is a bit of a ‘set’. About 10-15 years ago it was re-cobbled, those lamps were put in, and the old style tile street signs were restored, as a demonstration of how the streets used to look, presumably for tourists. Coaches used to pull up there regularly. Maybe they still do?

  • Christy Walsh

    Haunting image. Reminds me of Belfast 1970’s, the contrast between daily activity and the errie solitude of dark streets along the Falls/Springfield/Grovesnor Roads.

  • Thanks Gavin i didn’t know that.
    As far as i know the open top tours go via the Sydenham by pass on their way up to Stormont as part of the tour.

  • Mrazik