Conservative/ulster unionist link to continue.

A senior Conservative close to the leadership in London has rubbished suggestions that the marriage with the Ulster Unionists is being dissolved.

There are reports that Conservatives in Northern Ireland by a sizeable majority want to walk away from the relationship with Reg Empey’s team.

It is now know that the leadership of the Ulster Unionist party was accessed in the past twenty four hours to the contents of a private letter from the Conservative cross party chairman Andy Feldman advising local Conservatives that there are no plans to undo the pact with Ulster Unionists.

A change in leadership at the top of UUP could change all that since it takes two to tango. Tom Elliott who has declared his intention to contest the leadership was central to finding a unity unionist candidate in Fermanagh/South Tyrone in the Westminster election.

The senior Tory close to the leadership emphatically stated “the conservative party has no intention of breaking the link with the UUPs.”
Eamonn Mallie