Liam Adams looks for legal aid to transcribe media coverage

Yesterday the BBC reported that Liam Adams is seeking legal aid so that he could fund the transcription of the media coverage of his daughter’s allegations against him.  In all likelihood, his own brother’s words should feature prominently. As we argued when the story broke after Chris Moore’s documentary, is that no one (ie, Adams and his daughter) would get any official justice once the story became public.

But then, as Gladys argued at the time, simple ‘acknowledgement’ is more likely to have been the motive, rather than the out and out pursuit of ‘justice’ as such.

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  • AlanMaskey

    Your point?

  • HeinzGuderian

    Adams Family Values…………

  • Cynic

    Here we go. We can see the argument coming

    Don’t extradite me because I cant get a fair trial because:

    1 Prods hate me because I am an Adams

    2 Gerry outed me and told everyone I am guilty as hell

    3 Everybody hates a paedophile

    4 It will further embarrass my brother and endanger the Peace Process (wink wink)

    5 It was all a long time ago and best just forgotten

  • Ulick

    I’m guessing the Slugger coverage will also feature prominently – you must be getting nervous Mick.

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice to have you back U!! If that’s to be the line, then thanks for the heads up!!! I wait to see if it turns out the way you predict. I’ll even to bookmark this thread so you get due credit. 😉

    Yet, he won’t need a transcriber for Slugger: a copy and paste function would do it for him. I suspect he’s looking for a transcript of the more ephemeral media like TV and Radio since the Daily Mail and other only content are still easily gettable via Google.

  • Sounds to me that he casting around for an arguable defence in court, such a getting off on a point of law. Perhaps I’m too cynical about some of the ‘defences’ put up by alleged sexual abusers. Often the facts of the alleged abuse are incontrovertible…..but the accused will use all legal opportunities at their disposal, or available to them under law, to avoid convictions. It’s a great help if the taxpayer can be persuaded to fund such ‘research’

  • Oracle

    What does he need legal aid for… sure Pete Baker has done it for free several times… send him a link.

    Perhaps Gerrys recent bouts of dysfunctional memory are in some way connected to the forth coming trial…. hmmmm maybe i’m dabbling in conspiracy but it’s a scary possibility

  • Should have also stated the obvious……..all accused persons are deemed innocent unless the contrary i.e. guilt, is proved in court. Sometimes this is not too difficult….but it is occasionally a fact that ‘proven’ guilty accused manage to get off on a legal technicality. Casting around for a defence sounds to me like a search for such a technicality.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    In other words ..the Media and Sluggers agenda against GERRY Adams might provide LIAM Adams with a case which shows that Justice for him AND of course his daughter is denied.
    Nice work Media.

    of course its no mitigation to say that simple “acknowledgement” is enough…..after all there is justice to Society as a whole to consider….as well as any other unknown “victims”.
    So well done Media.
    Gin and tonics all round at the Press table.

  • If Liam Adams is entitled to legal aid that aid should extend to whatever helps his case.

    I dont think the media coverage was so bad. He was accused and it was reported and commented on, nor do I see how he can claim his relationship to Gerry Adams is a disadvantage when he has served on committees, applied for posts, etc. and generally chosen to be in the public eye himself.

  • Mick Fealty

    You really need to read up on the importance of confidentiality in the reporting of child abuse FJH:

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I think theres also a code of ethics about dealing with vulnerable people.

  • Mick Fealty

    Well then, ‘show’, don’t just ‘tell’.

  • joeCanuck

    Except that his brother publicly announced him guilty.
    I’m apprehensive that he will succeed in convincing either the Dublin Court or a Belfast one that the pre-trial publicity will prevent him getting a fair trial. That includes some of the SOT commentry should his Defence try to establish such.
    It would be a shame if he doesn’t have to face his daughter’s allegations in a public court.

  • joeCanuck

    Most of the comments were, if I remember correctly, aimed at the ‘timeline’ and the length of time it was taking the authorities to produce the warrant. LA is not the first person to be accused, to be searched for, and to find the spotlight merciless in tracking his whereabouts. Such a spotlight up to arrest does not imply the accused will not get a fair trial, although I agree LA may try it on. SOT constantly reminded everyone of the need for circumspection, and I think that was adhered to.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Mr Fealty,
    Im not the journalist.
    I have no ethics……unlike journalists who say they have.

  • joeCanuck

    My memory is a wee bit different. I have had occasion to alert Mick via e-mail of potentially libelous comments and he has invariably taken them down.That likely protects Mick. But they have appeared. And I think it may have happened with Adams.
    BTW, after “his brother” above, I perhaps should have added “..a well know public figure renowned for his integrity and truthfulness.”

    Who’s this Canuck fellow you have started talking to?

  • joe

    I keep forgetting! which probably explains why I cant remember the comments you objected to. I just hope none of mine were among them! I dont think they would have been.

    I seem to recall it all died down when he surrendered himself to the Gardai. The story reported here so assiduously, is unlikely to have received the same coverage elsewhere in the UK. Perhaps if he says he will not get a fair trial here there are other cities where he will have no such complaint, bearing in mind the diversity of the UK population.

    This unfailingly truthful and honest person you refer to, would he by any chance be the same person who was never in the IRA? If he is, why should any credence be given to anything he says.

  • joeCanuck

    No, Pippakin. As I remember, your comments were fair and circumspect with regard to Adams’ guilt although not to the crime of child abuse.
    It is indeed the same fellow. Hope you understand my sarcasm; I can be a bit obstruse at times.

  • joe

    I totally understand, every time. I may not always choose to recognise it..

  • Sam Flanagan

    Remember Operation Ore?
    It is turning into quite a conumdrum, at the start it was all very clear-cut, now it could all fall apart.
    Stolen credit-cards and all that. Too late to help the suiciders though.
    There is also a very nasty site naming everyone convicted via the operation.

  • AlanMaskey

    Sam Flanagan. Wasn’t one of The Who caught up in that. Though the case of the dysfunctional Adams brothers is important. more immediate is the unrelated cases of Jon Venables and Declan Duffy.
    Venables’ mind must be really scrambled and one wonders how much of a mitigating factor that is.
    Declan Duffy’s conviction has not garnered the publicity it deserves. We must not love them yet, the felons of our land.

  • Oracle


    Have you indulged yourself in copious quantities of industrial strength alcohol, because you’re illustrating yourself as either a complete imbecile or the town drunk, at least the latter can reform.
    Because if the answer is neither then the deliberate smearing of the media by you for highlighting a disgustingly sick event which went unreported is vomit inducing.

    An event which happened in West Belfast and was known to the M.P for West Belfast for over twenty years who did everything in his power to keep it hushed up because of reasons not yet explained by him, yet you blame the media who highlighted the case.

    The alleged perpetrator was still able to work with vulnerable children in community groups unchecked and uncleared with a seemingly clean bill of health and no concerns from the SF dominated community sector, this only stopped when it was highlighted by not the M.P for West Belfast but the same media that you attempt to belittle.

    Its obvious were your sympathies lie and it clearly apparent that the victim in this for you is neither Liam Adams nor his Daughter but the possible damage to your beloved Sinn Fein President and MP for West Belfast.

  • Sam Flanagan

    Declan Duffy? is that the guy linked to the INLA?
    The INLA of the “mercury tilt switch” fame?
    I wonder if the HET database, multi-knowledge, hi-tech computerised, MI5 reports and 3,000 books store of “troubles writings” just happen to contain the fact only the CIA had those type of devices when Airey Neave murdered?

  • joeCanuck

    You are deluded Sam. Mercury tilt switches have been around for over 100 years. A great majority of mechanical thermostats around the world have one. Car trunks too; they make the light go on when the boot is lifted (tilted).

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Clearly I must be an imbecile as Ive never taken alcohol in my life.
    Id guess most journos were more familiar with the DEvils Buttermilk than I am.
    Some journos concern for Mr Adams neice is indeed touching……but they might have shown even more concern if they had not let their agenda get in the way of justice for the young woman about whom they were apparently concerned……dontcha think?

  • Mick Fealty


    Yet Gerry’s ‘agenda’ was that “from the very beginning” he believed his niece rather than his brother. And it was a considerable length of time before the media got sight of it.

    Go figure…

  • Kathy C

    Shouldn’t the issue be….if the defense team things a particular story or two needs to be presented for his defense…have legal aid pay for those rather than nilly willy pay for ALL of lots of the stories that may not even been used? What an expense for tax payers.

  • mark

    who would trust or take the word of someone who claims to have no ethics ? post away but don’t expect different rules to those of the journos on this site……….

  • mark

    Clearly you are an inbecile FJH !

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    As a point of information is calling me an “imbecile” playing the Man or the Ball?
    I feel likea Spanish person playing the Dutch.
    Where is Howard Webb ?

  • Mick Fealty

    Man. But his point was drawn directly from your own quite ridiculous remark. If you treat others with contempt, maybe you ought to expect something similar in return.

    I’m not defending man playing by the way. But there are degrees of offence. In Oracle’s case – and he and I have had words only recently on this subject – most of what he says actually means something, in contrast with the comically self falsifying ordinance of your own, erm, ‘argument’.

    Next time he might be better advised to choose his form words more carefully, but then you might also reconsider the degree of contempt with which you seem to hold other people’s intelligence?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    There are times when I think you dont like me.

  • Mick Fealty

    There’s no question of like or dislike. But I have no time to waste on messers. Get involved, or go away. I’d rather you stayed, but I am not going to tolerate ‘constructive ijitery’…