Election in Australia

The first Welsh born Prime Minister in world history has called an election down under.
Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald’s take on the election – Untested leaders take timid steps to scare their way into office .
And the Guardian Report
It is impossible to resist speculation as to how Labour would have done here if someone had initiated a Gillard type coup..
For the anoraks in our midst – AustralianPolitics.com
Good chemistry between the contenders – strange..
P.S. Browsing the Australian press, as you do, I came across this nice piece on Bob Hawke – Days of beers and tantrums

Welsh Nationalist. Rugby Fan. Know a bit about History and Railways…

  • Obelisk

    Lloyd George is Prime Minister of Australia? A stunning result for the previously marginalised community of dead people.

  • PaddyReilly

    I think Dewi has disqualified him for having been born in Manceinion (Manchester). But as this shows, where you were born is hardly relevant.

  • LLoyd George may not meet Dewis exacting critea for being Welsh he is however Welsh enough for most people. Welsh was his first language, not English. He is credited with being the first to begin what is now known as the Welfare State in the UK.

    I have no problem with the lady, now Australian PM, she is proof we and the English are not the only ones who know how to put the boot in.

  • lover not a fighter

    She has proved to have more balls (metaphorical) than Gordon Brown.

    Mind you that would not be that hard !

  • lover not a fighter

    More ball than Gordon Brown?? Not hard at all, What she needs? is more balls than Maggie Thatcher…

  • lover not a fighter

    Maggie turned out to be as mad as the maddest mad hatter.

    She is defintely a bad advertisement for people that get by on 4/5 hours sleep (Or so we are told about Thatcher)

    On a serious note is their any connection between sleeping for short hours and dementia/alziemhers

  • lover not a fighter

    Maggie Thatcher, still controversial after all these years. I did not support her party or her policies but she was a conviction politician, possibly the last.

    I understand she is frail now, and I have never believed in kicking someone when they are down.

    Alzheimers Who knows what causes it? Or even the correct way to spell it. (B/B being difficult or I would check)

  • joeCanuck

    Do like I do. Spell it differently every time. You’ll get it right and no one will know the difference.

  • joe

    I think perhaps I do that now!

  • Nice try, Dewi, but no cigar.

    Translate for me, into the English, the following: “Prif Weinidog”.

    I make it one from Bryngwran,Ynys Môn; one from Caerdydd; and the present one from Abertawe.

  • Dewi

    “Prime Minister”
    Lloyd George born in Manchester, Billy Hughes in London but Ms Gillard born in Barry….great quiz questions…

  • wee buns

    Confess to disappointment with Julia’s most recent moves; as if hell bent to appear sterner than the right wing’s Mad Monk, she has plumped for a harder line than previously on asylum seekers. By doing so amounts to allowing the right to set the bar. Arg. Silly girl for listening to over nervous advisors.
    Still. She may out manoeuvre Abbot yet (perhaps with a ban on Lycra shorts J )
    As for Thatcher (only mentioned because Gillard’s dad specifically remarked that for his daughter to transmute into her ilk would be his worst nightmare) she was an appalling destroyer for which even the British gave no proper mandate. Gillard has a long way to go before she is in danger of coming close.
    As for the ‘strange’ chemistry between Abbott & Gillard, if walls could talk, my guess is that our Stormont representatives flirt & eye twinkle a plenty, off camera of course. As do the workers in any shared office. Is it not we who are ‘strange’, that such outward expression of chemistry would be …er…verboten?

  • tom strong

    I’m still voting for here even if she was born in Wales.
    From a Canadian born-Australian of Irish origin.

  • Dewi

    Mr strong – what’s your issue vwith Welsh born people?

  • wee buns

    Have heard the Welsh unkindly refered to as the ‘wrong kind of Celt’ by a Scotts man.

  • tom strong

    it is merely those immigrants. always a problem.

  • Stryker

    Still under the English thumb the Australians, an English Prime Minister, English head of State the Queen.

  • Stryker

    I doubt the Australians give a monkeys what the Brits think of anything, they may tolerate an aging Queen, but see how long the monarchy lasts when she goes, if it lasts that long.

    Ive no doubt you are an intelligent person, pity you sound like a twat.

  • wee buns