Same old….

Let’s take some snapshots of the last decade:
Different take in 2008 “The report also said that between March 2008 and April 2009, Glasgow had more parades involving Protestant Loyal Order and Republican organisations than Belfast, with 247 compared with Belfast’s 217”.
Peaceful 2007
Agreement makes for quieter 2006
The Ardoyne again – 2005
2004 – the Ardoyne
West Belfast 2003
LOL Press release 2002
“Parades Commission accused of double standards
6 August 2002
The Orange Order today accused the Parades Commission of double standards and assisting militant republicans in trying to eliminate Protestant traditions.
Reacting to the Commission’s statement on Friday that it was appalled by the behaviour of followers of the Orange Parade which passed the flashpoint area of Ardoyne in North Belfast on the evening of 12th July, the Order condemned the comments as inciting vigilantism.
“For the Parades Commission to cite anti-social behaviour by a few hangers on as an excuse to further restrict Orange Parades is like banning a Premiership football club from playing matches because some so-called supporters might cause trouble on the way to or from the stadium” said a spokesman for the Order.
“What exactly does the Commission expect us to do – send in heavies armed with baseball bats to keep parade followers in line? That’s what the I.R.A. does but we believe enforcing law and order is a matter for the security forces and not vigilante gangs”.
2001 Portadown
Quiet decade to be honest.