Father Gary Donegan “It was a bit like Euro Disney Theme Park for rioting”

Father Gary Donegan Parish Priest of the Holy Cross Parish in Ardoyne has spoken to the BBC and in an interview has given an amazing first hand account of the rioting in Ardoyne last night [14th July].

In his interview he states he pulled a brick out of the hands of a 9 year old and when he asked where the boy was from it was discovered that he was from a Parish over a mile away.

Father Donegan asked the right question, where are you parents?

The interview continued and Donegan said he was surprised at the number of girls involved. At 0100 it looked like ‘the Milan cat walk’ with young girls in the crowd, some sporting parasols [probably to keep the water cannon spray off].

It truly makes you wonder what our society has become and how on earth children have been imparted with the values that this sort of behaviour is acceptable. Further – it is not the children who are to blame but clearly the parents who have completely abdicated their responsibly in terms of keeping their children safe.