Father Gary Donegan “It was a bit like Euro Disney Theme Park for rioting”

Father Gary Donegan Parish Priest of the Holy Cross Parish in Ardoyne has spoken to the BBC and in an interview has given an amazing first hand account of the rioting in Ardoyne last night [14th July].

In his interview he states he pulled a brick out of the hands of a 9 year old and when he asked where the boy was from it was discovered that he was from a Parish over a mile away.

Father Donegan asked the right question, where are you parents?

The interview continued and Donegan said he was surprised at the number of girls involved. At 0100 it looked like ‘the Milan cat walk’ with young girls in the crowd, some sporting parasols [probably to keep the water cannon spray off].

It truly makes you wonder what our society has become and how on earth children have been imparted with the values that this sort of behaviour is acceptable. Further – it is not the children who are to blame but clearly the parents who have completely abdicated their responsibly in terms of keeping their children safe.

Born and living in Northern Ireland, I’m a Lecturer by trade and a pragmatic Unionist by design. Interests include Middle Eastern / African politics, British cinema and sea fishing!

  • Neil

    On one hand it’s easy to dismiss this as recreational rioting, and to a certain degree the usual suspects are in there. However it would be wrong given the fact that shots have been fired to place this at the hands of those kids – who’s parents incidentally mustn’t actually give a fuck about them. They (parents) should be heavily fined as that might entice them to enquire of the whereabouts of their little angels.

  • DC

    Nice quote.

  • castrosghost

    agreed…rioting should be for big lads. IDs needed.

  • Cynic

    Under Social Services own Child Protection Protocols, all the children present must be considered to be at risk and there should be an investigation into the children with the risk of them being taken in to care to protect them from this gross neglect by the parents.

    I listened to one interview today with a community worker who said he asked a 10 year old what he was doing and was told that he was there with his grandfather who, it turned out, was looking on benignly as he threw stones.

  • Alan maskey

    The children are at risk as the RUC specialised in killing them. No 12th July marches, no rioting. ban the Orange Order and resistance will stop.

  • BB

    From an article in the Bel Tel…

    “Mum, can I stay out for another half hour, “ one asked his mother.
    “Ok, just don’t get arrested,” she replied.

  • Cynic

    The children are at risk because the people you support use them as shields when attacking the police and because their parents are negligent in protecting them from such abuse,

    Yeah, we will will fight to ‘free’ Ireland while we hide behind 10n year olds. Some political stance isn’t it.

  • PN

    All the above is, of course, absolutely and complicatedly true.

    A test will come when the next big wave of Loyalist rioting happens, as it is sure to sooner or later; probably when a parade is disallowed.

    It will be enlightening (and, hopefully, heartening) to see if the decriers decry with the same vehemence, clarity and spontaneity.

  • Neil

    The children are at risk as the RUC specialised in killing them. No 12th July marches, no rioting. ban the Orange Order and resistance will stop.

    Words fail me. Do you have kids Alan? And if so are you bringing them out into the streets to fight for a 32 county socialist republic (and do they understand the words socialist or republic) by throwing stones at landrovers?

  • SW

    Very reasonable; a tolerant and mature approach. Shows impressive awareness of plurality, equality and mutual respect in society.

  • There is nothing from Father Gary Donegan on the linked page. Maybe the BBC moved the report – can someone find the correct link?

  • vanhelsing


    It’s an audio link half way down the page..


  • vanhelsing

    ‘resistance’ – did you read the blog maskey?

    Clearly your resistance consists of mainly children inspired to rioting by CIRA RIRA handlers [sometimes grandparents apparenty]

    You’re comments say it all. I’ll stop at that for fear of a yellow card – and it was my blog!!

  • Brian

    I was never involved in recreational rioting as a kid. Sometimes I think I missed out.

  • Roisin

    I am from n.Ireland I am also Catholic and i have been saddened that little kids have been allowed to run around causing havoc and this is being beamed across the world. What does this say about our Kids here. And fair play to the priest at least someone seems to have some sanity in that area.

  • Neil

    I missed out on all that myself. If I stepped out of line I got the shit kicked out of me, and while I don’t do that to my own kids sometimes I wonder whether or not I should do. On balance probably not, but I care too much about them to allow them to get involved in the kind of shit that’s going on at present.

  • vanhelsing

    Quality – I hope you just didn’t make that up.. 🙂

  • Children used as canon fodder, other children with parents too indifferent or worn out to worry where their young are at any hour.

    It is a sad and terrifying indictment of our society that we look for excuses.

  • Yankee Bobo

    I thought the RUC was been disbanded and reformed as new police force?

  • padraig

    I am more concerned about the big kids who insist on marching through Catholic areas and causing all kinds of grief. Where are their parents that let these children wander all over the city when it is very clear they have not reached the age of reason yet?

  • ulsterhead

    They didn’t march THROUGH a Catholic area, they passed it. Intolerant Catholicism/naked sectarian Republicanism goes out of its way to be offended for a 5/10 min walk, one day a year. It’s a commercial area with shops. The bands stopped playing music and everything but still its not enough.

  • RepublicanStones

    Would it be too much to have a piss or vomit cannon instead of a water one? Surely that would deter more of these excuses for retrospective abortion.

  • spige

    I hope it doesn’t impact on water charges all this water cannon use.

  • vanhelsing


    With respect this is a blog about the above interview from the PP – there are endless blogs which examine the reasons for the rioting.

    You seem like an intelligent guy and I can’t believe that you are –

    ‘more concerned about the big kids who insist on marching through Catholic areas and causing all kinds of grief’ –

    than children under the age of 10 rioting at 0100 in the morning.

    If you feel there are causal reasons fine but we both know that it wasn’t the shinners out [they had their protest and fair play to them] 2 days later still destroying THEIR own community.

    The Loyal Orders parade was just the excuse that was needed here – but you can’t directly attribute the two.. 🙂

  • Mick O’ Kelly

    Can’t imagine the nerve of these young people actually walking around the Ardoyne area where they live when the PSNI want them indoors so Loyalist outsiders that hate them can freely march through the said area with banners idolising the murderers of their friends and neighbours,shameful
    .Maybe Sinn Fein should organise a march through the Shankill with banners depicting the bombers,wonder how that would go down with the local youth,hmmm.Gerry Kelly should get right on that .

  • percy

    themuns is teaching their kids that fenians is soap-dodgers, without an agreed narrative the prob perpetuates unto the next generation , which is sad !

  • Seymour Major

    Under Social Services own Child Protection Protocols, all the children present must be considered to be at risk and there should be an investigation into the children with the risk of them being taken in to care to protect them from this gross neglect by the parents

    There does need to be a strategy for dealing with this problem but social services intervention is not the answer.

    For a start, Social Services do not have the resources to protect all of the children who are being directly abused by their parents, let alone these children.

    However, that kind of intervention does not work, if you are thinking in terms of social engineering to make the children turn out to be decent people. Sectarian hatred is bred into these children from the point that they are knee high. Take them away from their parents and many of them end up hating authority. They could end up becoming even more dangerous.

    It is only because we allow freedom of choice for parents in relation to a child’s education that we have so many segregated schools here in Northern Ireland.

    Fr. Gary Donegan is right to ask the question but in a child’s upbringing, there is supposed to be a partnership between the parents, the schools and the Church in relation to the children’s education and their moral well-being.

    I would suggest that the Catholic Church ought to be looking into the reasons why that partnership has broken down and giving the rest of us the benefit of their findings to enable further solutions to be explored.

    If there is no other way of preventing sectarian hatred in these areas in the next generation then perhaps we should be considering taking away single faith schools in areas where these extremist communities are beside each other and replacing them with either integrated or joint faith schools.

  • What an excellent idea! When the shit hits the fan, the very least you need is a hoodie.

  • sdelaneys

    On one interview the priest was describing it as ‘like a Milan catwalk’ because of the number of girls involved; he described how ‘hardened republicans now committed to the peace’ were being ignored by the the assembled youth and didn’t make the slightest effort to try and tease out why this should be so. All he gives is more condemnation which never cured anything, in fact probably adds to it. He seems fond of the limelight too.

  • West Sider

    Just spoke to someone on the ground tonight – an Ardoyne resident of over 40 years.

    “What’s happening?” I asked.

    “Hoods rioting,” came the response.

    I wonder where GARC are tonight – surely these brave men of Ireland would be out there trying to calm it down to ensure the people of Ardoyne aren’t oppressed and holed up in their homes by hoods and criminals.

    I can’t see Martin Og or any of them anywhere.

    Maybe they’ve gone home.

    At least GK and Bobby Storey got out there and got it calmed. At risk to life and liberty.

    If Mark McGregor is reading and hasn’t been banned yet – that’s another difference between now and then.

  • sdelaneys

    Bobby Storey, hmm, so some ‘outsiders’ are ok coming in.

  • Wilde Rover

    There seem to be a lot of complaints here about poor parenting but perhaps things should be looked at from another perspective. We can see the grandfather mentioned above taking the time to pass along a rich cultural tradition to the next generation, and the young lad carrying on those traditions instead of playing video games or listening to an iPod. It really is a heartening tale of family bonding and cultural expression that you don’t find much in these days of globalization.

    And doubtless the millions of pounds bill for this jolly affair will encourage the residents of the twenty six counties to press this economic black hole firmly to its bosom and the thirty-two county socialist republic will spring forth from the limitless coffers of the south.

  • Alan maskey

    Use vomit canon on them? Amazing how the old Loyalist antipathies never die. You will always hate those who resist.
    As regards the bow in priest: Didn’t Ardoyne have a processiuon of lackey priests in the early days of the Troubles who specialised in castigating the Provies. Of course Gerry kely was locked up for most of that time; otherwise, he would have been condemning the North Belfast IRA. Along with his new found Loyalist mates.

  • vanhelsing

    Apparently republican stones is a loyalist now 🙂 🙂 Ah we’re winning them over to the Union Flag slowly up surely…

  • Little James

    How long before we hear the cry for more funding for Ardoyne for the downtrodden, disenfranchised youth? If only they had a few more cinemas and youth clubs this wouldnt be happening

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    I’m quite heartened that most of us aren’t agonising to try and understand this rioting.

    We’re just way too tolerant of people resorting to violence, that’s our problem. Some people (e.g. Padraig on this thread) imply there’s some kind of a right to riot when you’re unhappy; or that it just “happens” when people are “provoked”.

    How about from here on, we all agree as a society to have an absolute zero tolerance policy to ANY violence? And RepublicanStones’s piss-cannon for any offenders, followed by enforced ingestion of a meal prepared by my school’s dinner ladies circa 1980 (with that fake potato stuff and cheap minging mince).

  • if you feel the main issue is not the fact minors are out on the streets rioting with the seeming awareness of parents but what kind of reaction they get from the rest of society then I’d support the notion of putting your children if you have any into care as well.

  • Would it be too much to have a piss or vomit cannon instead of a water one? Surely that would deter more of these excuses for retrospective abortion.

    There’s a joke in there somewhere.

    Seriously though why has coloured dye not been used? Or can prosecutions not result from that?

  • spige

    Nintendo have brought out a new game aimed at 8 year old Ardoyne rioters. Its called the Wii Bastard.

    Recreational rioting, its the hot new game in Belfast. Basically, its 45 minutes each way against the cops and if there’s loyalists in the vicinity, you might be lucky enough to get half-time oranges.

    “Orangemen!.. Want to march where you want and where you’re not wanted?.. Well, now you can with the all new Orange Order invisibility cloak. When you don your Orange Order invisibility cloak you can parade in full regalia, up The Falls if you like, day in, day out. Just be sure to keep quiet. You could probably hum The Sash into yourself, but that’s about it.

    WARNING: Wearing the Orange Order Invisibility cloak may result in collision with other invisible Orangemen.”

  • Rory Carr

    Good idea, Spige. All together now…

    “We’re proud of our Wii Ulster…

  • padraig

    Err now lets revisit the suggestions so far:

    Fine the parents.

    Take the kids off the parents.

    Cover the kids in vomit.

    Cover the kids in piss.

    Kick the shit out of the kids.

    Have I missed anything?

  • padraig

    Sorry mised one; poison the kids.

    Carry on, I’m al agog for the next installent of the Adams Family a la Orange.

    Do tell.

  • Neil

    We have anti social kids in our (Republican, West Belfast) street. I won’t go into the details, but needless to say they’ve made a large number of the residents live life in misery. If someone had fined the parents, or Social Services had shown up I would hazard a gues that all the trouble would have stopped a lot earlier.

    Admittedly you’re going to get some unacceptable tongue in cheek remarks about covering the kids in piss/vomit and there will always be some who want the cops to go in and do damage (among them hardline Loyalists and dissidents I would imagine). But I’ve suggested fining the parents and I’ll stick with that suggestion, when children are anti social little shites it’s easier for their own parents to put them out the door to torture their neighbours or whomever than it is to deal with them, so those kids are not their parents problem, their the community’s problem.

    The parents I’m talking about backed their lying kids up to the hilt, and violently attacked some neighbours who suggested that their little darling’s shouldn’t be stealing from other people’s back yards, so reason doesn’t work. Maybe a couple of quid from their pay packet or bru might make them see the light.

  • West Sider

    If they’re coming in to help get scumbags to stop rioting and destroying Ardoyne, then they are welcome.

    IF they are bussed on to cause misery and mayhem for Ardoyne people, then no.

    Are you that thick that I have to spell that out to you? Or is your mind and morality twisted by bitterness and hate?

  • Padraig

    I doubt if a short, sharp, shower of shit, would damage more than the feelings of those caught in the spray!

    For those who allow their children to take part in such activities, or those who knowing children will be involved, organise such activities, the punishment I would like to see is very different, what I would call more basic, and would very likely end with throwing the key away.

  • PN

    I agree that if I felt that I would be wrong.

    Fortunately I don’t feel that children rioting is not the main issue. It quite obviously is: look at what VH wrote.

    I said “All the above is, of course, absolutely and complicatedly true.” (It should have read ‘uncomplicatedly’: my mistake.) in order to signal that I had little to add to the main issue.

    My comment therefore focussed on the reaction of the rest of society, which is an important and perfectly legitimate aspect of the situation, if not the main one.

    I would be genuinely bewildered if you were to argue that analysing reaction to an event is disallowed in a comment thread on that event. And how that would reflect on my fitness to be a parent is beyond me.

  • vanhelsing

    to be fair P, I’m sure all those comments were not made completely seriously and certainly most made by those not ‘orange’. I’m not being funny but what is your suggestion…

  • SimpleTown

    Protestants live there too on the opposite side to the shops. Hence why the police have to hem the rioters into a tiny area around the shops to protect the houses they would no doubt break the windows of if not burn out if they got to them.

    You could literally stand in a Protestant owned house’s front garden and throw a stone to right in the centre of where that riot happened. A literal “stone’s throw”.

  • padraig

    Do what the police in any other country would do. Arrest the people on this forum who are openly suggesting abuse of Catholic children under hate laws and see that they recieve the psychiatric attention that they so urgently clearly need.

  • padraig

    I understand Pippa, you are not concerned about those who suggest myriad ways of abusing children including the use of shit and vomit.

    You believe the real issue is controlling the children rather than the issue of child abusers.

    I understand your stance and where you are coming from and why child abuse does not concern you, considering you come from the same ‘Kultural’ backgorund as the people who held u[p pornographic images to the school children at Holy Cross and hurled bags of piss at them.

  • RepublicanStones

    padraig if you couldn’t tell my ‘cannon’ suggestions were in jest thats a problem for yourself, I don’t think you can get humour transplants.

  • padraig

    If you knew anything about me you would know I always put children first. It is the reason I suggested it would not be right to charge a young person with harming the police officer injured by the object thrown? from a roof top.

    When it comes to child abuse I do not listen to excuses, but in the childrens interest I do recognise extenuating circumstances. If the parents or others are to blame I will not agree with punishing the child, but, having said that, children do need to learn the lesson.

    You would do better to take your ‘rose tinted spectacles’ off and look at the real world. Deal with the problem in front of you, and that problem is children with no real role models and no direction.

  • West Sider

    The people of Ardoyne, as opposed to the underclass of hoods and criminals, have spoken:


    Speaking to an Ardoyne man today about the rioting and the type of people involved, he said:

    “The ones rioting… Most of them I don’t even know. What’s worse, they can all go home to Derry, to the Falls, to Twinbrook, like that c*** Catney… We’re left to pick up the pieces. The other ones, from Ardoyne… they’re just hooding scum.”

  • Steve

    What parts of Ardoyne are the PSNI from?
    What part of Ireland is the PSNI Chief Constable from?

  • padraig

    ‘Republican’ Stones’ if you don’t realise that making ‘jokes’ about abusing children on an open forum is vile then I don’t know what else to do for you, you can’t get common sense transplants.

  • padraig

    Pippa, Imagine a white, middle class Republican lady in the USA advising African American parents in, say Detroit advising them on a public forum how to bring up their children.

    She would be considered a patronising, racist troll.

    You , however find no difficulty at all in advising Catholic working class parent in Ardoyne where, what and how they are going wrong and do not in the least consider yourself a patronising,secrtarian troll.

    I notice you did not address and have still not addressed the issue of violent verbal child abuse on this forum. You only made a little effort to do so when your complete and deafening silence was pointed out to you.

    Enough said, I did not mean to stop your flow of good advise to working class Fenian parents., carry on.

  • padraaig

    LOL you are describing most female social workers! You are not however doing a very good job of describing me. Perhaps thats a good thing.

    There are strong feelings being expressed on this and other threads and as long as those feelings are just that and not actions I have no problem with it. People, especially those who live in Ardoyne have a right to be angry at the damage done to their community and their city.

    As far as I have been able to ascertain most of the rioters were not from the Ardoyne. I get angry when I see children being used in such a way, by either side.

    Your only solution is to ban the parade and I agree no one should go where they are not wanted, but if you think about it that is a very slippery slope and does not even begin to deal with the people prepared to use children as cover for their own illegal and violent actions.

  • padraig

    Any further thoughts pippa on children being encouraged to join Sectarian hate filled organisations such as the Orange Order etc? Or are your enlightened views confined to sorting the Fenian kids out?

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Enough with the ‘child abuse’ accusations, some of us were trying to bring some humour to a pretty awful situation: and you have little to say about their victims. The age of criminal responsibility is 10, so as a society we accept children of that age can have the mens rea to commit criminal acts. That means we are allowed to point it out when it happens and we are allowed to debate punishment. And yes, it is OK to have a joke during a serious discussion, unless we’re in the USSR circa 1950.

    And I’m going to take issue with you again about your comment that people outside a working class Republican background have no right to be listened to about these matters:
    1. Do you believe in a thing called society? The idea is we all care about each other and we don’t write off issues somewhere else as someone else’s problem.
    2. There’s also a thing that everyone’s equal before the law – and groups of parents or neighbours don’t have the right to create their own little mini-fiefdoms with their own rules. It would be grossly unfair.
    3. It isn’t just an intra-Catholic Ardoyne issue as it involved attacks on police who represent the whole of society and who come from a range of areas and backgrounds.
    4. You can’t have it both ways. If wider society is needed to provide and help subsidise social security, schools, electricity, water and everything else in an area, then you can’t very well pretend it’s an island when some people in the area get some (very legitimate) criticism from outsiders. Once again, we’re all in it together and there is such a thing as society. Unless you’re a Thatcherite …

    To take your American example, a white Republican in the US might also say about black areas: “I don’t care what happens in black areas as long as it doesn’t affect me” (which a lot of them do say) – are you encouraging that attitude? I know the risk of being patronising is there, but you can swing too far the other way and end up with a fragmented and fearful society.

  • padraig

    If it were up to me I would ban all churches! Unhealthy, sanctimonious organisations. At least the spotlight is shining on all their dirty little secrets now…At the moment the RCC is taking most of the flak but I honestly believe the various protestant churches will in due course be found to be every bit as guilty. As for the OO itself, its an outdated, sectarian organisation that has long outlived its usefulness. If that is it was ever useful, which I doubt.

  • padraig

    Sorry Mainland Orangie.

    Of course its alright to talk of covering children with vomit, shit and piss!!!

    On reflection its all highly amusing!!

    Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! He!! He! He!!

    How did I miss this, I can’t imagine!! Kids covered in piss shit and vomit, I can see it now, what a laugh? Sorry didn’t mean to cramp your stile!

    It is as you say just like the KGB to object to this wonderful humour. Carry on, don’t mind me, I understand now.

    Tell me agin about covering them in vomit, covering them in piss and shit was hilarious of course, I see that now, but explain the one about covering them in vomit, I haven’t quite caught the funny sude of that yet…my KGB sense of humour is not quite as subtle as your own yet….

    Oh yes , no wait I can just imagine it now, children dripping with vomit, it’s just a barrell of laughs, please carry on now…

  • padraig

    Of course, Pippa the left swing at the Orange Order but the strong right hook at the Catholic Church first, just to be on the safe side.

    Its alright.

    I understand.

    Can’t be too careful now, can we? Never know who might be reading this. Brave of you anyway.

    Tell me Pippa did you ever wonder what makes this society so sick that you have to cover your bets like this this? Putting the boot into both sides I mean…errr just to be on the safe side, I mean?

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    I am not an “Orangie” and I think the way you’ve used that word to me is sectarian. Last time I was called that was when I used to get sectarian abuse on the walk home from school because I wore the wrong uniform. I define my identity, you don’t.

    Also, you didn’t answer any of my points. Which is quite funny.

  • Cover my bets? Dont be silly. I simply believe that in any granary you get more than one rat. For decades, possibly centuries, both major churches could do almost anything they wanted. If you think it was just the RCC committing abuses, I think you are being naive.

    I strongly believe there should be investigations into every parish the length and breadth of this island, only then will everyone know how widespread the abuse was.

    Im not hedging my bets, just giving an honest opinion which was after all meant to be about the riots in Ardoyne. It is as though you want to find fault no matter what.

  • Jungle Johnny


    “Tell me agin about covering them in vomit, covering them in piss and shit was hilarious of course,”

    Those scum in ardoyne regularly end up covered in piss shit and vomit after a good night on the buck fast and vodka !!!!!!!!!!!! (with a bit of rioting thrown in ofc)

    I have NEVER seen children in a junior orange parade act like these dregs of society, they are well dressed and well mannered and most will actually go on to be an asset to society, unlike the scum rioters who no doubt will have their free DHSS house to look forward to, the dole, free health and prob a free car and incapacitiy benefit. What a fine young bunch of oppressed kids they really are…….

    you my friend are very bitter and twisted………..

  • padraig

    Of course I didn’t answer any of your points, Mainland , I just reconised the ‘humour, someof us are trying to bring to the situation’ with the piss, shit and vomit covering the children with stuff.

    Of COURSE you’re not a bigot finding humour in this.

    Of COURSE you’re not twisted and full of hate in finding nothing wrong in this.

    As you wrote, I’ve no sense of humopur. That famous, dour Ulkster Unionist sense of humour, the gay repartee and lightness of touch. It reminds me of the Good Doctor and Lord Trimble dancing down the Garvaghy Road while half our wee province was on fire laughing and clapping their hands 2with glee. Ahhhhhhh that famous Ulster wit that sees something to smile at at the thought they’re getting one over on Fenians, even Fenian children being covered with piss, shit and vomit.

    Sorry I’m still laughing at the Ulster Orange wit. When I’ve recovered I’ll get back to you on your points. I just can’t seem to get over the wit and humour of it all at the minute.

  • padraig

    Of course Pippa. I couldn tell how upset you are over the vomit, piss and shit child abuse stuff. I’m glad you’ve managed to get over and move on.

    Big of you. Maybe I should move on too. But Child Abuse annoys me, especially on a public forum. But I think its wonderful that it doesn’t seem to have upset you very much at all. I find this insightful.

    Sorry for being so snesitive I am imagining if it was my own children and this makes it seem…well realy awful to be honest.

    I must work on my sense of humour and as you say not be so sensitive.

    Not to go on about it but I wonder why these highly humourous posts where not deleted in this forum? Perhaps because they were so funny?

  • Rory Carr

    Padraig’s adamant refusal to recognise that the proposal to discharge effluent instead of water over rioters was intended as ironic, tongue-in-cheek and not in the least sinister prompts me to ask whether we might consider replacing water cannon sprays and CS gas grenades with a saturation of nitrous oxide (aka ‘laughing gas’) though I expect it would require a heavy concentration before we crack a smile from Padraig.

    An added bonus would be that any supplies of gas left over could be employed in creating great supplies of whipped cream, which is the main industrial use for this gas, and with all that cream, what with all the laughing, who knows where the partying might lead?

  • padraig

    Your concern for children seems to be a bit selective. It was apparently ok for children to out causing mayhem until all hours. Your initial problem was with the OO parading and what you called the ‘big kids’ going where they were not wanted. This sudden interest in my comments is clearly not about protecting children from, in your opinion, outrageous comments, but rather a determined attempt to divert attention from the real criminals.

    You have exposed yourself, zip it up.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Do you not have any Protestant mates then?

  • fourwinds

    Hmmmm, and Padraig’s insistence that this is “orange wit” despite the fact that it came from RepublicanStones seems to suggest that he has some sort of blinkered, one sided view of reality.

    Padraig you should take a good look at yourself before calling anyone a bigot.

  • padraig

    Ha Ha1 He! He1

    You may talk of the wit of the laughing Serbian. The repartee of the White South Afrikaner! The gentle laughter of the West Bank Israeli. Or the hilarity of the Klu Klux Klansman as he burns his crosses.

    But in my opinion there’s no where, no where on Earth you’ll find dour humour to compare with the Native Ulster Unionist wit.

    Sorry, can’t stop chuckling…HeE! hEE! Uncle Festus hide your head in shame.

  • hypothetical situations may make great straw men arguments but the relevance is extremely tenuous at best, nevermind a ridiculous assertion that it’s the ‘main issue’.

  • you haven’t mentioned Hitler yet.

    but I suppose that reveals something else about you mind.

  • Abu Hamza

    death to the infidels. Sharia law would sort out the parades problem. Allah is the one true God.

    Lidl has some great bargains at the minute, i’m off down there, time to sling my hook.

  • Reader

    Padraig: Pippa, Imagine a white, middle class Republican lady in the USA advising African American parents in, say Detroit advising them on a public forum how to bring up their children.
    Phenomenally bad analogy. What you have failed to pick up, hidden in your mess of presumptions, is that most of the colourful condemnation of the rioters comes from regulars on slugger who are as ‘Catholic’ as, and more ‘Fenian’ (you introduced these terms to the discussion – well done), than the rioters. Mostly because the rioters probably score quite low on the measures of social engagement that would qualify them as either. In short – the rioters are as ‘white’ (your metaphor) as those who have condemned them for the damage they do.
    Now that I have correctly identified your rhetorical targets for you, you can proceed with your demonstration of a complete lack of any sense of proportion.
    And I’ll be sure to look out for your contribution to the discussion when there are some Prods out rioting.

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    That’s some whirlwind tour of anti-Protestant stereotyping you’ve taken us on there … are you not a bit ashamed to be so sectarian on this site?
    Though of course as a humourless Protestant maybe I’m just good for target practice

  • vanhelsing


    There have been some salient points raised here and if we try to leave aside the issue which has taken up most of the space here I would be genuinely interested in knowing what solution you have and also if you could answer Mainland Ulstermans questions of 10.45 which I do also believe deserve answers.

    To reaffirm my earlier post – I also think it’s unfair you think this is ‘Catholic bashing’ when most of the jokes where not made by ‘Prods’. [Ps I hate the way that things so sweetly descent into orange and green – but it is relevant here because some people have made such a bloody issue of it]

    think some survived mod by a whisker….

    The problem with the vomit cannon is that the lil bits of carrot clog up the nozzle which is just one of the parameters which led to the idea being shelved

  • RepublicanStones

    Padraig – most of those rioting are by the looks of it, over 16, so they don’t qualify as kids.

  • RepublicanStones

    I’m working on that Mooch, gonna be presenting the vomit cannon ‘Mk II’ on the next series of Dragons Den.

  • padraig

    Ah well if a complete imbecile like Republican Stones is making jokes about vomit and kids, well thats alright then, since he;s a Fenian himself. Sorry my mistake…and as the completeand total imbecile himself said its only a few kids under 16 would get hit by the vomit, the reat of them would be adults. So everythings fine.

  • They’ll only take the piss

  • fourwinds

    What mistake are you apologizing for Padraig?
    For your crude and sectarian stereotyping I hope.

    Maybe you should post a little less and read a little more.

  • Alan Maskey

    Demeaning Catholics by spewing them with vomit not only fits the Orange mind set but it is resonant of ther attacks by Loyalist Protestants on the toddlers of Holy Cross School some years ago. The Protestants threw human sh-t at those toddlers. That is the Loyalist way.

    There is nothing funny about these fascist fantasies. This is so even if these fascist sentiments are made by Crown Catholic Provies.

  • north belfast youth

    after reading all these comments i am absolutely astonished how nobody has asked who is working with these young people and getting paid to do so .

  • PN

    I’m afraid the straw man was your accusing me of claiming the public response was the main issue. I did not clam that. I hoped I had made it clear above that I hold no such position.

    Accusing someone of making a “ridiculous assertion” that they did not actually make is the definition of a straw man.

    To clarify, when I said public reaction was a “perfectly legitimate aspect of the situation, if not the main one”, I intended that to mean that it certainly is NOT the main aspect of the situation, but is legitimate nonetheless.

    You have given me no reason to think that commenting on public reaction is not legitimate beyond an assertion that it is not. I see nothing wrong or even objectionable about commenting in such a way, especially since my comment expressed nothing but a genuine desire to believe the reaction was motivated by principles rather than being corrupted by sectarianism.

  • vanhelsing

    Firstly that’s not what I said and secondly I was simply correcting your [wrong] assumption that it was the prods/orangies call them what you will who were making these suggestions. Fourwinds below is not far off the mark.

  • vanhelsing

    ‘Crown catholic provies’ – I love it. You manage to stoop to new lows of idiotcy and bigotry.

    Mick is their some sort of prize for this…? 🙂

    Perhaps we can suggest some sort of stipend for maskey – answers on a post card.

    On a more serious note – Can’t we stop this mans trolls…..

  • ardoyne woman

    well said