Vote often, vote often?

Just how many ticks and crosses might you be asked to make in May 2011?

  • Council elections (for 26 councils)
  • NI Assembly elections
  • Electoral reform (Alternative Vote) referendum

All of these opportunities to exercise your democratic right are pencilled in for Thursday 5 May next year.

The Welsh Assembly elections were also expected to be held on 5 May. There is all party support in Wales for those to be delayed for a week to prevent voter confusion.

No doubt the Electoral Commission, and the local Electoral Office NI, will have something to say about the timing, cost and effectiveness of combining or distributing these different votes.

Update – On his blog Mark Devenport reckons that the NIO could bring forward the local council elections to the first Thursday in March, while the NI Assembly elections are likely to remain on 5th May (as the election deadline is set in legislation).

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  • drumlins rock

    The Scottish Parlimentary election are also due that day as are alot of local government elections in England, maybe we should throw in a border poll jsut to make things really interesting?

  • The arguments for calling the AV referendum for 5 May are:

    the economy of all-in-one (which sells to the back-benches at this time);
    getting all the poison out in one go: the ConDem coalition pulling in different directions, intra-party dissent, the inevitable loss of many Tory seats — they pulled 900 extra in 2007, and 2011 will be much tougher.

    Would one expect Westminster to take much notice of Welsh bleats? Nah.

    Three ballot papers too much? Seen what the average US election can throw at the voter?

    Drumlins Rock shouldn’t encourage them. Any moment now the Dan Hannans are going to wake up, and see a chance of a vote on the HRA or Europe or some similar irrelevance.

  • Drumlin Rock

    How about a vote on having one UK wide football team, should increase the turnout in the Welsh and Scottish elections, and cause the maximum amount of hot air.

  • Mark McGregor

    3 votes in one day! I’m sure a lot of us would never be able to revisit the normal world.

  • Following the above, I see it’s not Hannan: it’s his mate Carswell.

    In truth, Carswell has a point (there has to be a first time), opening up other, better, options to AV.

    Now, if the Labour Party have enough sense (as if), someone will rediscover the 1919 Commission which opted for AV+.

    What did you mutter? Oh, come on! England’s not ready for Home Rule yet! How could the poor dears cope with full-blown STV?

  • joeCanuck

    That should be a world wide vote. Can’t understand why the rest of the world lets the UK get away with it.

  • joeCanuck

    According to the BBC, “some politicians” think that the electorate is so stupid that they might confuse the AV referendum with the council elections so have proposed splitting the dates. Makes you wonder how stupid “some politicians” can get. Bah!

  • JimRoche

    The Welsh Assembly elections were also expected to be held on 5 May. There is all party support in Wales for those to be delayed for a week to prevent voter confusion.

    That’s crazy.

    Labour’s Caerphilly MP Wayne David warned of “information overload” with two votes on the same day.

    Are they trying to keep the turnout down? It was 43.7% in 2007 compared to 62.31% here.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Are the assembly elections not in March?