Unity? No chance. This is Republicanism

I’ve been loath to touch the following as there is loads of gaming going on around it and it is difficult to identify where the truth is. So take a pinch of salt before reading on and making up your own mind.

From what I understand during a recent meeting of the Familes Friends and ex-Prisoners group on Republican Prisoners, a member of the Republican Network for Unity (RNU) had property stolen.

Amongst this property was an alleged internal communication reproduced online, that some claim has been altered. Though using Scribd for hosting usually indicates a document being scanned and wouldn’t be a simple/normal mechanism to host altered material.

The document appeared via a bebo page that also seems to have a pure scan. While that page claims to be a RNU page, it seems to have been recently created with the sole purpose of hosting this (stolen?) document.

The allegations involved seem reasonably serious for those mentioned and Slugger certainly can’t stand over any of them. If true they would indicate serious divisions within RNU in Belfast and not fully stated questions over the motivations of some members.

Though the saga also seems to expose someone willing to go to extreme lengths, including theft, to create problems for the RNU. Who could that be? I’m also aware this document is being heavily punted to the media by people hostile to dissenting republicanism and was pitched to Slugger (by whom I’m not sure) after I came across it.

With other examples of dirty tricks including the distribution of a list with names of alleged dissidents in Loyalist areas and claims mainstream republicans are visiting the homes of people protesting on behalf of prisoners I’m not 100% convinced of the pedigree of the document and even if it is real the timing of its appearance, at a minimum, seems to fit very neatly with a SF agenda.

There is the possibility of legal action around this so we/I  request people use an element of caution in any discussion (how realistic the claim of action is I’m unsure but lets not make Mick subject to it).

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  • anne warren

    A document that appears to be the same as the one cited here was published on Indymedia http://www.indymedia.ie/article/97086 on
    Fri Jul 02, 2010 08:44
    as a comment on a press release entitled “RNU Denounce Recent Attack As Totally Unprovoked”
    Did not fully read either.

  • So today The Times starts charging then this appears.
    It’s a funny ole world.

  • West Sider

    Jesus, this site is really going down the shitter.

    An editorial head would have told them that the story was “Split Opens In Dissident Group”

    Two paragraphs would have been ample to put it all in context, instead what we get is a garbled, paranoid, and contradictory diatribe which would make the author of The Turner Diaries proud.

    Gawd, someone save Slugger!

  • Mark McGregor


    Sorry for not presenting this in the way a SF supporter wanted.

    Unlike republican sites, including one controlled by SF members at least Slugger links to the stolen document.

  • joeCanuck

    All we need is the ghost of Brendan Behan to propose a split.

  • West Sider

    I’m not a Sinn Fein supporter Mark, so let’s leave all that straw man strategy to the one side.

    Grow a pair. And engage.

    Is there a split in People’s Front of Judea? Er, I mean the Republican Unity Network?

    BTW – are you a member of these groups, or did you join and just not fit in?

    That would seem a familair story.

  • Mark McGregor

    The links are there for all elements of this story. It’s up to you to discuss it or decide having a pop at me is the thing more worth doing.

    I’ve given up all the material others are surpressing. I’m waiting for you to discuss it.

  • Mark McGregor


    And as final response to your moan about not noting a split – can I refer you to the title of the blog and the photo (the bits at the top). You may have missed the subtlety, though it was as subtle as a brick.

  • West Sider

    Just read it Mark, and it is hilarious if you can keep awake past the first two paragraphs.

    And they expect people to row in behind them? Vote for them?

    And then the mention of TC – isn’t he damaged goods?

    What the f was the point of this blog? What does it matter to the political discourse in Northern Irish politics?

    Please, please tell me and your readers, because I haven’t a baldy notion how this means anything to the ordinary five eight.

    Sum it up in a line, because you have a privilege as a blogger here, what insight does this offer into the state of play in NI politics?

    We’re all ears…

  • West Sider

    Yeah, got that. Split…man doing the splits…. funny. Insightful? Not.

  • West Sider

    BTW – whose supressing this crap?


  • Alias

    “I’m not a Sinn Fein supporter Mark”

    Of course you’re not. And a one-legged ‘republican’ doesn’t have any advantage when it comes to doing the split(s)…

  • West Sider

    BTW – whose supressing this crap?

    This is hilarious!

  • Mark McGregor


    I’m taking about certain Republican forums not your paper, so keep your wig on.

  • West Sider

    Is that the best you can do, Alias?

    Honestly, you’ve stuffed this site to the gills with quixotic bullcrap, and then you have a pop at me?

    Haven’t you better things to be doing, like looking in a mirror and intoning in a loud voice: I am the Alias, I am so clever, I am so Stupid, I am glad I live in Northern Ireland, Otherwise, I’d have nothing to do with my life.

  • Mark McGregor

    Sorry, I meant Robin, no Westsider…got it right in the end.

  • West Sider

    Fuck this is getting good.

    I’m not Martin, or Mairtinn, or whatever the fuck he spells his name.

    Mark, you know what, I’m from the planet Zarg and I’m tuned into your very thoughts.

    I can feel that angst and I can hear those cries.

    You’re hurting bubba, but if you only submit, then all the voices and the coloured lights will end.

    Somewhere along the path you lost your way… You’ll find a soft voice and a life beyond that, far way, and in the stars.

    You’re too good for this bitter Earth, I can help you… But you must let go, let go, let go….

    Mind you, you’re just exhibiting the classic symptoms of paranoia and dislocation.

    I think being on here is bad for your mental health.

    Boo! I’m Mairtoin, Boo! I’m Gerry, Boo! I’m just a fucking ordinary Joe living a life and sick of comfortably off sneaking regarders.

  • West Sider

    Jesus, you’ve really gone this time.


    Call teh internet straight jacket brigade.

  • It is very interesting, not the splits, that is par for the course, but the lengths some might be prepared to go to.

  • Alias

    “Honestly, you’ve stuffed this site to the gills with quixotic bullcrap, and then you have a pop at me?

    Haven’t you better things to be doing, like looking in a mirror and intoning in a loud voice: I am the Alias, I am so clever, I am so Stupid, I am glad I live in Northern Ireland, Otherwise, I’d have nothing to do with my life.”

    Err, I’m glad I don’t live in Northern Ireland, actually. You’re the one pretending not to be a Shinner but rather some independent thinker whose thoughts just happen to coincide with promoting the latest Shinner line 100% of the time. And if you think anyone believes that you’re not a shinner mouthpiece, then you couldn’t be more mistaken if you employed a member of the Adams family to babysit your kids. Now rather than direct your impudence in my direction of the island, why don’t you just stick your little pointy head back up your arse and talk some more shit to yourself?

  • West Sider

    Dear oh dear, Alias, what venom. How very dare you?

    I can only be honest with you aouut my political outlook, can you be honest with me about yours, bubba?

    That language is very nasty, so I’ve obviously touched a nerve, but really, shouldn’t you tell all in this dank crypt about what your bottom line/viewpoint is, rather than just being a jaundiced, spiteful presence who lands in on threads with a, er, unique rebuttal, but fails to reveal where you’re shooting from?

    And yet you have the immature, adolescent audacity to not only ask where I’m shooting from, but to claim a place for me on your own child-like, crude mind board.

    You’re very silly, but don’t let that discourage you. I enjoy your silliness.

  • vanhelsing

    as the first ‘unionist’ on this thread [pardon my ignorance] but can someone explain what on earth all these comments relate to. I understand McGregors post but the rest….

  • lamhdearg

    Theres no way those legs belong to that body, He is sitting/standing in a hole in the ground and the legs are false. Who is fiona?.

  • West Sider


    I’ve an early start in the morning, so won’t be responding to any of you zombies tonight. So I’m logging off.

    Alias has a whole week to respond before I log back on.

    I think he or she will need it.

    Night, night.

  • As a member of RNU’s Ard Chomhairle, I can state categorically and with authority that the document is totally false and is part in a long list of political smears against our Network. RNU have also engaged a Solicitor and are considering legal action against Bebo.

  • Cormac Mac Art

    Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea.

  • Alias

    “Alias has a whole week to respond before I log back on.”

    Is a week in Butlins all that the budget will stretch to then? 😉

  • redhugh78

    Interesting when I first read this thread there was no photograph accompanying the article and the last paragraph was not included but now they have since been added.

    Who really gives a crap about what goes on within rnu, most likely some of their own walter mittys stole it with an axe to grind, sure it wasn’t your good self Mark? you have form.

  • Rory Carr

    As the document concludes with this warning:

    ” The survival of RNU depends on all of the above being resolved and an end to malicious rumours about individuals and the organisation itself.”

    we can all conclude that RNU will certainly not survive as there is no earthly chance “of an end to malicious rumours about individuals and the organisation itself” since such is the very lifeblood of these self-important little splinter groups composed as they always are of deluded self regarding egotists suspicious of not only the outside world but increasingly paranoically suspicious of each other they turn in on each other just as a sickened sow devours its farrow.

    Having read the document I think we can take with some scepticism the claim of the Ard Comhairle memeber above that the document is false. It is much too badly written for that and I doubt that anyone attempting a forgery could ever be so skilled as to compose something precisely so rambling, inept, misspelt etc., etc., etc.

  • Co. Down Man

    RSF loses its limerick wing and now this…

  • there is no earthly chance “of an end to malicious rumours about individuals and the organisation itself”


    I agree with the above, but as I am certain you know, to confine such behaviour to the RNU is to turn reality on its head. Such putrid behaviour is the life blood of political activists the world over. It matters not a jot what their political beliefs are, innuendo and gossip is almost always the order of the day. The main reason people go to the pub after a party meeting, is because they are aware if they do not, they will be the one to be gossiped about.

    In my day the British communist party was a cesspit of political and personal intrigue, the Provo version of SF was little different. Those ever so’ nice’ middle class English lib-dems, are regarded by the mainstream as the masters of such wretched behaviour.

    Gerry Adam’s gained his position within the RM to such intrigue, although he operates along the lines of ‘will no one rid me of this troublesome priest.’ Having said this, better Adams operates in this way rather in the more traditional republican manner, for if he did, a good many of his main critics would no longer be walking this earth. We should never forget Gerry has some good points as well as bad, and a vengeful nature which ends with his enemies planted is not one of them.

    As to the thread, which has descended into personal abuse to side track it, SF members may claim the ‘dissidents’ are of no importance, but that is clearly not what the leadership of their party believe. Mr Storey has not been wheeled out from down the café to attack the dissidents because he has nothing to do, now has he?

    Mr Adams understands better than most, when the Provos were first formed, people treated them like they had dogs turd on their shoes, especially by his new found pals. All it took was a change in strategy by the occupying power, to make the Provos a powerful force and just look at Mr Adams today, a friend of presidents, prime ministers and movie stars, or so we were recently told on slugger.

    Of course the best way to smear a republican is to cry tout, no matter if there is no truth in it, the stench never clears, it lingers for decades.

    As to the document in question, any document like this which appears on line, without an individual’s name to stand over it, a pseudonym is no good, is either from an unfriendly source and deliberately designed to cause trouble, or from someone who has been over promoted. Either way it should be poked away with a very long stick.

  • Seán

    It is also clear who was responsible for writing it.

  • sam

    IRA splitter groups beating each other up. How sad. Sounds like a job for Saint Gerry. One hug should do it.

  • lamhdearg

    I am not sure where i read the document but it seemed to be penned by someone called Fiona, Is there a Fiona in the RNU?.

  • Granni Trixie

    Phoney or not, I found the doc v interesting as a window into Rep intrigues. Although unlike other contributers to this post, it is a world I know not, it reminded me of goings on in many vol. groups. Good to see in the doc. that RNU wants to guard its ‘nonviolent’ status though.

    What would ‘Fiona’ be in Irish I wonder?