Third cricket club targeted by vandals

A third cricket club in County Londonderry has been targeted by vandals in the past week.  The playing surfaces of a number of pitches have been destroyed in the attacks.

Police said they have not yet established whether there is a link between the three attacks, but have asked people who live near sports grounds to watch out for any suspicious activity.

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  • aquifer

    Miserable Spoilsports

  • What a stupid and pointless thing to do.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Very odd situation.
    I hope thee culprits are brought to Justice.

  • lamhdearg

    “i dont like cricket ah i love it” Ok thets start the them and us ball rolling on this one, It has got to be a bunch of super paddys attacting what they see as a foriegn (British English) sport, Of course that does not make it sectarian as only prods are sectarian.

  • Carnlough Yin

    Disgraceful. The performance of the Irish cricket team in recent years has opened the sport to a new audience in the country, including the Nationalist community in the north. Whilst not knowing the reason for the attacks, one assumes that the vandals may perceive cricket to be a sport for “prods” and are acting in some sort of misguided sectarian attacks. If true, it is ridiculous to attack a sport that has been so unifying in recent times.

  • Bismarck

    Hope its the work of vandals but would not rule out some nationalist link – pity because as a Dublin nationalist I love the game.Just back from Belfast where I was watching the Leinster and Ulster school’s teams battle it out – Ulster won btw

  • Glencoppagagh

    The attacks are probably connected but why now as I’ve never heard of similar occurrences before. I see that there’s some sort of GAA fest going on in the area. Could it be, therefore, that some deluded individual(s) felt particularly embarrassed about the presence of such a British game in their midst.

  • Cricket has a long and honourable history in Ireland. It was a thriving sport before 1914 when many hurley players excelled in both sports, rather like Eoin Morgan does now. It is undergoing a revival in some places ..If it is becoming a victim of republican extremism again then God save Ireland from itself.

  • joeCanuck

    The Northwest has always been fond of its cricket; and that includes Catholic and Protestant fans. This sort of behaviour is mindless vandalism; I can’t see how it could be sectarian. But one never knows in this weird world.

  • AlanMaskey

    Cricket, as Mick Cusack,came to realise, is a wanker’s game. If people stopped calling Co Derry Londonderry, these urges to retaliate might diminish somewhat. It is true and interesting that cricket has pockets of support in Waterford and other odd ball spots.

    More to the point: The GAA (probably) apart, areal sporting bodies run by fascists?Though the Olympics and F1 come readily to mind, the behaviour of FIFA, threatening both France and Nigeria is upper most in my mind now. FIFA made more out of World Cup South Africa than SA did. It beggars belief that Sepp Blather can threaten France and get away with it. He is one fat tulip that needs pruning.

  • redhugh78

    Really? I never thought Donegal folk to be fond of their cricket.

  • JimRoche

    Police said they have not yet established whether there is a link between the three attacks, but have asked people who live near sports grounds to watch out for any suspicious activity.

    The police are stumped?

  • Cynic

    The attacks are probably connected but why now as I’ve never heard of similar occurrences before.

    Cliftonville cricket club in North Belfast and Cooke on the Ormeau Road were both driven out years ago but I think their clubhouses were burned down.

    So its either just the usual mindless sectarian nonsense or an optimistic property developer looking to the future

  • Cynic

    “Cricket ………. is a wanker’s game”

    So cricket players could at least act as ‘fluffer’ on the next GAA ‘Promotional’ video?

  • Cushy Glenn

    tell that to section 2 side St Johnston. The only survivor of several teams in the county.

    Up here we all know who’s responsible
    NCU muppets from the soft south who can’t cope with our manly version of the game- bat in one hand and a pint in the other, and not a blazer to be seen

  • Glencoppagagh

    ‘or an optimistic property developer looking to the future’

    Now there’s a point. Cricket pitches would make good level sites.

  • feismother

    St Patrick’s and St Brigid’s in Claudy have just won the Developing Schools League:

    It’s quite possible some of them play for Bond’s Glen. Brigade, Limavady and Bond’s Glen are not particularly close to each other so I’m not sure if it’s a concerted campaign, copycatters or coincidence.

  • turnpike

    Mick Cusack was kicked out of his local Cricket club and proceeded to invent a game – gaelic football – that has gone on to have at least the global popularity of tiddlywinks

  • Rory Carr

    Let’s face it, we all know that the likliehood is that these attacks were perpetrated by sectarian thugs from the nationalist community which is a bloody shame and disgrace.

    Given that dissident groups are overly active in the area taking vigilante action against individuals that they deem culpable of anti-social behaviour (dealing drugs without a dissident licence) can we expect that they might have something to say about this wanton destruction or might such condemnation only serve to embarrass and alienate some of their core supporters?

  • GavBelfast

    I have no doubt that the vast majority of people in NI would be delighted if the newly devolved justice powers formed part of a new resolve to eradicate all manner of hate-type crimes, whether against people or property.

    Unfortunately, I just don’t think the resolve is there.

  • joeCanuck


  • redhugh78 & joe

    Its a well known fact: cricket is the best cure ever invented for insomnia. Its a crime and disgrace that sufferers have been deprived of their ‘fix’.

  • castrosghost

    not a sport i like, only joking i hate it lol. However cant see any harm in it from a republican point of view. Maybe just vandals wrecking for the sake of it. However quite a few quick to jump the gun and blame it on themuns.

  • joeCanuck

    My yawn was for Red Hugh’s attempt to drag “politics” into the discussion; the north, Northern Irleand, out of place Donegal etc.

  • joe

    Lol. It reminded me I have never stayed awake through any cricket program on tv, or even on the one occasion I was dragged there, a one day match.

  • sam

    Perhaps the orange halls are becoming too well protected to be attacked. It’s easier to whip up sectarian tension coming up to the twelfth by picking on softer targets

  • Comrade Stalin

    It is awful dodgy when there’s three in a row. That’s starting to look like a campaign.

  • Mark McGregor

    “We have 10 cricket pitches and three have been damaged,”

    They have 10 pitches. For cricket? Seriously? And thats just one of the clubs?

    Perhaps a little misrepresentation going on here?

  • Mark McGregor

    What they meant to say is – we have 1 field and 70% of batting area is playable. No? The vast majority of the field is undamaged?

  • lover not a fighter

    Will whatever morons that are damagining the cricket pitches just leave them alone.

    That is if they are inteligent enough to read !

  • Glencoppagagh

    A single cricket ground will have more than one track (the area between the wickets) usually running parallel to each other. The idea is to avoid overuse and allow grass to regrow.
    The club in question may have had ten tracks but probably only 2 or 3 would normally be used for matches.
    If the attacks were directed at the tracks it suggests the perpetrators knew what they were doing.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Personally I could care less about cricket, but incidents like these don’t exactly encourage Unionism to embrace the concept of a UI, however distant.

  • “Hume was a never a typical nationalist though and he chose to play cricket rather than Gaelic games. He was a left arm spin bowler for the City of Derry cricket team when he was the only Catholic in the side.”

    Little wonder his political opponents had difficulty reading his line!!

  • cynic2

    Was it just not violent enough for him?

  • JoeJoe

    Why are these types of morans never caught. I can’t understand it. Surely (probable) inter-ethnic vandals talk to others about their great adventures. Round them up

  • Cushy Glenn

    troll out- hit wicket 0

  • Seymour Major

    “The Police are stumped”

    But if the criminals are caught

    and then charged, they will unfortunately get bail.

    Seriously though, I love the game myself. I used to spin a cricket ball much better than I spin politics today. I am very saddened to read this. My hunch is that the crime is sectarian but very subjective (i.e. in the mind of the perpetrators only)

  • Alias

    Looking through the PSNI “Hate Incidents & Crimes” report for the period 02/04 2009 to 31/03/2010 it seems that the PSNI’s clearance rate is lamentably low. It is a mere 6.7% for hate crimes under the category of Faith/Religion. If you’re a racist from East Belfast then you have a great chance of getting away with it with a detection rate of just 3.2%, whereas if you’re a racist from West Belfast then the detection rate is 25.9%. Not implying, of course, that hate crimes occur by the police in those detection rates…

    Now if you fall under the category of “Offences against the State” then the PSNI go from dismal performance to outstanding with a 59% detection rate for firearms offences and a 71.4% detection rate for public order offences under the Act.

  • Ardmhacha

    Only a matter of time before some clown takes a plough to a gaelic pitch, I remember it happening at silver bridge but that was an internal feud.

    Probably the same thing happening here, some patron or member of the club holding a grudge although as past history in this country shows, the finger is always pointed at themun’s!

  • Alan Maskey

    Though, like Mick Cusack before me, I regard cricket as a wanker’s game and though Archbishop Croke probably had cricket in mind when he was talking about effeminate foreign games (ironed whites and all that), I have watched the Taliban play and they sure fire those balls. Sydney’s bay 13 is also notorious. It should also be said that there is cooperation between the GAA and the cricket heads regarding resources in places.
    Ad regards retaliation against the GAA; the GAA are regular targets and all clubs in the Ards peninsula have been burned down at one time or another. It is hard to see a sportsman do this.

    Has anyone any comment to make on such as the FIFA fascists? I see the President of Nigeria has climbed down. Will France follow suit and let these fascists walk all over them?

    All sports seem to be run by fascists. FIFA certainly is.

  • fin

    cricket pitches are like football pitches, the outfield areas are easy to maintain, but, its a lot of work to create the wickets, will by the sounds of it are what are been damaged.

    Cricket grounds aren’t level, Lords, the home of cricket has a ruddy great slope (you can see it when you look at the pavilion.

    The DFM is a big cricket fan, it would be nice if he commented on this.

    Meanwhile, over in the Netherlands the Irish cricket team despite missing several key players are winning all their games.

    And Eoin Morgan, ex-hurler, and ex-Ireland cricketer keeps digging England&Wales out of various holes.

    Speaking of Ireland and England I seem to recall a certain Stormont Minister cheering on England and not Ireland at a international last year

    As for claims about cricket been boring, whenever I question individuals who use that statement it generally transpires that they don’t actually understand cricket and so aren’t really qualified to pass judgement, personally I find the game esp. tests and 50 overs hugely entertaining.

    Finally Cricket Ireland has probably achieved more than any other sporting body in Ireland in recent years, if ‘republicans’ are responsible for these attacks they should be ashamed, Ireland play the sport as a single team, largely in green, with shamrocks on the badge.

  • Alan Maskey

    I just came back to thank the poster with the John Hume info.

    Fin saying the DFM is a keen cricket fan: my arse, I would imagine. I recall him going to an Ulster championship match last year (cheering for Tyrone or Derry or both). Again, politicians like MMcG who go to matches solely for political gain should do us all a favour and stay at home.

    Cricket is indeed as foreign game. But the Indians, Pakis etc lap it up. Pity us who end up working with them as our nemesis is their passion.
    I was intrigued why such a Brti game caught hold on the Indian sub continent. Answer: the nobs control it and though Pashtun might make the Paki team, the reins of power stay firmly with the fascists.

    Slugger’s best past is these nuggets of info, in this case re John Hume and the pretensions of MMcG.