Photograph of the Day – A tonic for the troops

A tonic for the Troops brewed by monks. So it is. So it is.

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  • DC

    A cheeky wee bottal there.

  • Christo

    A wee number wan?

  • DC

    For the more sophisticated winos out there, Buckfast – a highly caffeinated alternative to sweet Vermouth.

  • I’ve heard it called “Lurgan Champagne” though i’m guessing there are other names for it……….

  • redhugh78

    In Glasgow they call it ‘wreck the hoose’ for obvious reasons.

  • Donald Fraser

    In the rest of the civilised world they call it “vile un-drinkable piss favoured by the ghastly untermenschen of the North of Ireland and the sink estates of Scotland” for obvious reasons.

  • DC

    Donald what do the master race drink?

  • lamhdearg

    See” hobo v buckfast” i prefer a bottle of Hennessy on my trips to Windsor to watch our wee country.

  • RepublicanStones

    It tastes like melted jam. Absolutely disgusting.

  • Reader

    Or “Commotion Lotion”

  • As a recovering Lurgan man, I can confirm that it is known as “Lurgan Champagne” in some parts Some Portadowners, however, are irked by this alternative name for “wiiiine” as it ignores their own prediliction for going down to the park, drinking a bottle of the stuff and then getting into fights for no apparent reason. As for the master race (Ballyhannon), I have heard that their favourite tipple is either Piat D’Or or Blue Nun.

  • DC

    I liked your Bavarian guide to NI politics. Very impartial.

    Good luck with your carefree and happy-go-lucky brand of sectarianism!

  • Thank you, DC. And good luck with promoting Labour!