Photograph of the Day – Castle St

Castle Street

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  • circles

    more info on this please moochin’!

  • Not much to say really.
    I saw him sitting like this outside the bookies on Castle street (approx half 3pm) and took a shot from across the street then went over and asked him if i could take a photo of his hands and feet, he said work away.
    I took 3 photographs and walked away.
    He didn’t ask me for anything, didn’t have any drink beside him or a begging bowl or some such. He was just sitting there.
    I’m told that he was hassled by a PSNI officer later on but i didn’t see that so can’t comment.
    He is what i’d term a benign street drinker.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Some considerable time ago I ran into a similar looking chap in Castle stree who informed me, in quite a loud voice, that he was a ‘Lesbian Destroyer’ – which led directly to a few passing females to noticeably increase their walking pace.

  • jim

    maybe he lost his lot to a well known bookmaker who trained boxers in castle st and as most bookmakers are pillars of socitiy but wud take the boots of yer feet.god love em hes somebodys rearing