Fine Gael – Richard Bruton sacked!

RTE report that in the last hour Enda Kenny has sacked Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman Richard Bruton. This comes after Bruton had told Kenny he no longer had his support, and certainly brings the matter of a Fine Gael leadership challenge to a head.

Per the report

The move means Mr Bruton will not be in a position to table a motion of no confidence in his party leader at tomorrow’s front bench meeting.

It may indicate that Enda Kenny plans to go over the heads of the Fine Gael front bench and put his case to the parliamentary party.

Supporters of Richard Bruton are privately confident he can secure a majority of support at tomorrow’s meeting of the party’s front bench.

It is understood that he has requested supporters not to make public statements of support, in an effort to keep the leadership debate within the party, rather than letting it play out in the media.

Last week’s stunning Labour poll performance is having a big impact in the south.