Fine Gael – Richard Bruton sacked!

RTE report that in the last hour Enda Kenny has sacked Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesman Richard Bruton. This comes after Bruton had told Kenny he no longer had his support, and certainly brings the matter of a Fine Gael leadership challenge to a head.

Per the report

The move means Mr Bruton will not be in a position to table a motion of no confidence in his party leader at tomorrow’s front bench meeting.

It may indicate that Enda Kenny plans to go over the heads of the Fine Gael front bench and put his case to the parliamentary party.

Supporters of Richard Bruton are privately confident he can secure a majority of support at tomorrow’s meeting of the party’s front bench.

It is understood that he has requested supporters not to make public statements of support, in an effort to keep the leadership debate within the party, rather than letting it play out in the media.

Last week’s stunning Labour poll performance is having a big impact in the south.

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  • old school

    I’m just trying to work out who I find most repugnant of the two.
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  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Enda obvioulsy does not do self-awareness but surely there was someone that he trusted within the party that could have explained gently to him that staying on as leader was not in the best interests of the party – the now inevitable civil war, followed by the inevitable new leader may even bump Labour further ahead.

  • DC

    Ah ha ha, status, ego and losing both comes to mind.

  • dodrade

    Were Bruton’s last words to Kenny “speak, hands, for me!”?

  • Munsterview

    F……. if he did and F……. if he did not!

    Fianna Failure once again cursed by their friends and blessed by their enemies !

    Anyway if Labor ( all right Labour… Labour… Comrade S. please note!) continue to rise in the polls, between Brian and Enda, it will be the old story of two bald men fighting over a comb!.

  • propaganda

    Oh dear Fianna Fail have not hit rock bottom yet
    Rainbow set to be the next government coalition
    and Fine Gael starts feuding before the election is called. Nice.

    It could be the mongrel foxes that Cosgrave talked about
    or even a social divide in Fine Gael
    can accept been led by a culchee in opposition but in government?

  • Republic of Connaught

    Et tu, Bruton?

  • FG could not have done FF a greater service, or Labour.

  • Pollywatch

    Beware of the long grass, FG could end up knocking out the rivals with new leader altogether. leadership is about leading the entire, good for the FG party, but obviously less than 26% of the electorate. Just not good enough to maximise support of the country for the tough times ahead. The country needs leadership not partisan interests. maybe with new leader FG can regain the services of the partys best econopmic brain and spokesperson. Remember FG have to face the electorate in the near future, try explaining this present circumstance. Hopefully sense will prevail.

  • martin

    maybe Richard thought of it in a last chance saloon way

    what if he honestly but probably mistakenly believed that Cowan would loose the vote of no confidence tomorrow –if Enda became Taoiseach for a term or even two Richie would be too old to become team manager

  • Mick Fealty

    Clever tactics by Enda, but hard to see his strategic exit… Kicking Bruton off the front bench means his former deputy cannot conduct the coup from inside the front bench panel…

  • martin

    short term and necessary victory for Enda but a long term defeat for FG at the polls, he couldnt have a mutiny at this time, then again that vote of no confidence wasnt likely to succeed. But the thing is Enda and Richard needed each other—Richards debating in the Dail compensated for Endas perceived weakness as in ”hes a nice guy but lacks fire and ruthlessnes needed for politics”also Richard was regarded as a sound on the economy. Enda on the other hand is a good organiser and campaigner his ”hes to nice to be in politics”imiga was a pluss as people on the ground like him

  • Republic of Connaught

    Poor Enda, such a nice fellow. He’s the longest serving TD too. But he cannot be Taoiseach. It just wouldn’t work out.
    I am no big fan of Dick Bruton and don’t see him as Taoiseach either. FG are in dire straights for leadership.

    Why is it bright and talented Irish people north and south rarely or never go into politics? And if they do they get bogged down by the old gombeen men and don’t become leaders.

    Leo Veradker has potential to be a worth FG leader. Bright and articulate. 31 years old is too young unfortunately.

  • Munsterview

    Not very gentlemanly to be sure but then again when one of his councillors told John Bruton that some of his fellow councillors were rumored to be ‘on the take’ he did say that “…. Fine Gael are not a party of Altar boys…. ”

    How re assuring for all Unionists to know that the brother of a man who had been Taoiseach of his country and was yet able to say that ” shaking hands with Prince Charles was the most important day in my life ” is now in the running for leader of Fine Gael and potentially the country!

    The pillared gates, long shady avenues and stately house culture of Midlands was indeed a splendid childhood way to gain appreciation of what is needed for the improvised, neglected underclass estates in all our major cities.

    One good thing for the general public to come out of all of this; we will at least get to see something of the true face of current Fine Gael, not what Flannery and his PR boys and Gals in the back-room have presenting us with.

  • martin

    but Richard cannot be blamed for his brothers shortcommings da aul unionism is an awful scourge on a fella

  • martin

    ”Leo Veradker has potential to be a worth FG leader. Bright and articulate. 31 years old is too young unfortunately.”

    and himself and Hayes are regarded as right wing attention seeking fruit de loops

  • Munsterview

    Can Fine Gael have a function in Southern Politics other than to make Fianna Failure look good ?

  • martin

    well they could attract middle class votes from persons who wouldnt vote for Fianna Fail because their great grandfather didnt like dev and then when the FG candidate is eliminated their transfers could go to Labour=A second function

  • Munsterview

    Since you brought up Dev, Richard Bruton could have big problems in this regard, rumor has it that they did not get on particularly well when they were at school together!

  • martin

    did richard go to school with Dev og a.k.a O’Cuiv
    that would be a great film steven speilburg’s—Nerd meets Nerd

    and in the case of Bertie and Brian
    Loser meets user

  • Munsterview

    Na……….. not O’C,……….. the long fella himself !

  • Mack

    and himself and Hayes are regarded as right wing attention seeking fruit de loops

    Positioning FG firmly as a party of the right is probably the most sensible thing they can do right now. It looks to me that this whole episode stems from the fact that FG see themselves as a populist party of government (the NOT-Fianna Fail Party) whose job it is to get the most seats so they can do a deal with another party (selling principles and policies) so that they can hold the Taoiseach’s office for 4 or more years.

    Soft-left votes are always going to go to Labour with their say nothing but oppose everything approach in the current environment. There is no point in FG trying to out-Gilmore Gilmore. Better that they stand for something clearly distinct – offer voters a vision of safer, more prosperous Ireland.

  • Argosjohn

    “Why is it bright and talented Irish people north and south rarely or never go into politics? And if they do they get bogged down by the old gombeen men and don’t become leaders.”

    same reason they don’t join the clergy or anything else. The auld ways are gone.

  • Munsterview

    Simon Covney is one of these that fit your bill. If the leadership move outside geriatric ranks watch that boy!

    Just as Peter Barry was the best leader and FG Taoiseach that the party never had, Bruton too may now have slipped into this category having been seen to leg the ball from the scrum to Fianna Failure!.

    ( Full marks to FF for having kept straight faces during Enda’s speech……. one is reminded of Thomas Mc as the sole member of the SFWP party in the Dail, tongue in cheek moving a motion of congratulations in himself for his performance. )

    With all due respect to most of the Fine Gael front bench, or to what was the Fine Gael front bench, before the Mad Mayo Axman struck, it will take somebody with a face that do not resemble that back of a bus or look like his grandfather on a poster to match that hansom devil……. Gilmore!

    As I said watch Simon, he has the looks, he has the brains, he has the experience of International politics and he has appeal outside the Fine Gael community. Someone may just wake up in time to the fact that FG can match Gilmore and Lenihan in all departments if the foot shooting season is over.

    Just as well that Fine Gael are so adamantly against Armed Force in politics, if they had to form a firing squad, on what we have seen, they would be standing in a circle !

  • Alias

    It’s a pity that Declan Ganley did turn Libertas into a national party rather than a pan-European party. He would have wiped the floor with this lot of gombeens.

  • Alias

    didn’tturn Libertas