Labour tops Irish Times poll with 32%…

There is already a raging debate over at over the latest Irish Times IPSOS/MRBI Poll:

…if there were a general election tomorrow, the adjusted figures for party support, compared with the previous Irish Times poll on January 20th last were: Fianna Fáil, 17 per cent (down five points); Fine Gael, 28 per cent (down four points); Labour, 32 per cent (up eight points); Sinn Féin, 9 per cent (up one point); Green Party, 3 per cent (no change); and Independents/ Others, 11 per cent (no change).

The Irish Times notes that “most of the research was conducted before the reports of the two banking inquiries [which fingered the Taoiseach as the prime architect of the country’s weakness going into the downturn] were made public but after the controversy about the expenses claimed by Fianna Fáil Senator Ivor Callely.”

Just 12 per cent of voters are satisfied with the way the Government is doing its job (down seven points) while 83 per cent are dissatisfied (up seven points).